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My Favorite Room

(I cleaned up for this day and and it's somewhat presentable LOL but I can honestly tell you it's not somewhat presentable anymore now haha.....)

My favorite room is... my own room! I've always had a shared room with my sister, bunk beds, she on the top, me on the bottom, and it was starting to get ridiculous that we are still sharing a room when we are both nearing our 40s. Finally we did renovations 2 years ago, and I designed the furniture placement in my room (so much more efficient than the old design), so I like it very much and it's my favorite! Everyone thought I was crazy to choose yellow as my room color, but yellow is such a happy color! And it goes so well with the wood color I chose for the bed, shelf, and cupboards. With white curtains and white other things (wall hook and wall plants-shelf), I think my personal project of designing my room was a success *smug smile*.

Left (or top): View from the door to my room. Practically only 1 dog sleeps with me so seeing these 2 dog beds... I feel rather irritated. There's actually a third unused dog bed under the piano, but.... meh...
Right (or bottom) turn left, and I have a hook for my keys and mask for the day. My piano serves as a writing desk as well.

Left (or top): view of my shelves. Because my room is oddly-shaped, there is a nook on the far end of the wall. It is just the right size for a single bed, and I decided to keep the bed size a single bed during the renovations because of this nook, and otherwise, the piano wouldn't fit.
Right (or bottom): I had planned to fill this up with books, but I had too much crap LOL the topmost shelf is just my foreign-language books (mostly Japanese and Chinese), the second holds some Chinese books, but the rest are my to be read books. Then the third used to be my favorite authors shelf (Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, etc) but then when I set up those growth lights, I had to relocate the alter for Mother Mary. Since the books on my favorite authors shelf have mostly been read, I stored those away, what's left are the books I didn't read yet. Then it's my electronics (speakers, remotes) and other random things like my incense burner and the charging dock, etc...

Left (or top): as you look over to the right, my bed stretches towards the window. There's supposed to be a space, but that was dead space to me so I asked the carpenter to build the bed longer to reach till the opposite wall. The bed serves as storage (remove the mattress and there are 2 boards that cover the storage area), and the bed extension also has a storage area. The space right in front of the window was supposed to be my reading space, but then we got a new cat last December and so there's a small box serving as a cat bed... though the cat hardly sleeps there, therefore I'm thinking of taking the box away so I can have my reading corner again. It is very pleasant to read in the sunlight!
Right (or bottom): Then I have the TV and a small cabinet (with more crap LOL) and my skincare/make up/jewelry stuff here. I had wanted to squeeze the running machine into that space and while my calculations for the height was correct, I miscalculated that a wheel from the running machine base protruded a little too much out so I couldn't squeeze it into that space between the bed and the cabinet thing. *shrugs*

Left (or top): pan back to the entrance, that shelf there is all my models and toys. The laptop is blocking my stationary area, but I have all my pens on the shelf that is at the same level to my piano-desk. Another of my genius instruction to the carpenter, LOL. And the unused dog bed under the piano.
Right (or bottom): The other end of my room, I have a wall hook installed so I can hang up jackets, but that never happened, instead I have a few bags out. My sports bag, my weekend bag, and my work bag. I have no place to put my luggage, so it has to stand there. Mom has forbidden us to throw any old dog beds out, and that's why there are more dog beds than human bed in my room. Oh, I also have a fan for when I don't want the air-con but still want to have some air circulation in my room.

Left (or top): oh yeah, because of the new cat, I also have a litter box. Disregarding all the extra stuff (the running machine, the dog beds, the cat litter box), my original design of my room would have given me quite enough space for yoga. Even with all that crap in, I can still do yoga, just, I have to be careful if I have to do a spread-out post *rolls eyes*
Right (or bottom): And I still have a bed-table thing for when I feel lazy to remove the cat littler box and sit at my piano-desk. Usually I use this bed-table for writing on my journal and iPad. Oh, and the bedspread is from IKEA, they had this new spring design and I liked it. Doesn't exactly go well with my room colors, but I don't care LOL.

And this is my favorite room - my own room! Hope you enjoyed :-)

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