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A Day in My Life

May 19, 2021

This was yesterday...I woke up unusually early. My alarm went off at 5:30 AM, but I hauled my carcass out of bed at 5:45. I had a Kiwanis board meeting to attend at 7 AM for one of my morning clubs. I'm Lieutenant Governor of my division, and one of my responsibilities is to visit each club three times -- once to introduce myself before I am officially installed, once for a club visit as Lieutenant Governor, and once to a board meeting. The Kiwanis year starts in October, so I am a little over halfway through my term.

Here is my coffee, my first breakfast (donut), and my morning vitamins.

1 donutcoffee.jpg

While I was there, I stayed for the meeting and another breakfast. They had someone from a therapy dog organization as a guest speaker.

2 kiwanis dogs.jpg

I came home at around 9 AM and had some work to do. I am a slob by nature, and my workspace obviously reveals that. My day started with a bang as my phone was blowing up because of a new listing I had taken. I also had the beginnings of a deal about to blow up.

My desk is over 100 years old, as is the chair. I got it at an estate sale a few years ago. I don't remember much about the sale, except everyone was drunk.

3 home to office.jpg

I realize I have to head out to the local high school for their final Key Club meeting of the year. Key Club is the high school version of Kiwanis. I am the new Kiwanis advisor for this high school. I had previously been a Key Club co-advisor for another high school. Time to spread my wings. Here I am, leaving my block.

4 on the road.jpg

I go to Publix and pick up some goodies. Ply them with sweets!

5 publix.jpg

5 cupcakes.jpg

I get there early and park in the student lot because the entrance is closer. The students decorate their parking spots. I never saw that before moving to Florida.

6 school parking.jpg

I don't photograph the kids (for obvious reasons), but the faculty advisor and I talk a bit after the meeting. He is excited that there is a Kiwanis advisor, and the kids are excited. He is a new faculty advisor, and covid really threw this year out of wack. He gave me three tee shirts -- one from this year and two from past years. I thought they could save money by making one shirt design that doesn't specify a year, but the kids wanted to make them year-specific. I took all these extra shirts; however, I do not wear tee shirts (I hate the way I look in them). I love to collect Key Club shirts, though.

9 key club tees.jpg

After leaving the high school, I head back to Publix to get some perishables. I picked up a bunch of stuff to drink, ice cream, sprinkles, milk, and half & half. I put my Kiwanis shade up on my windshield while I'm inside.

8 publix cart.jpg

7 kiwanis shade.jpg

I come home and embrace the horror. I was stressed yesterday, and I felt as if I was putting out fires all day.

Yes, I still keep a paper planner and calendar. Nothing pleases me more than checking off my to-do's. I also keep a Google calendar, but I really love my Christian planner. In addition to monthly coloring areas, it gives me the month at a glance as well as weekly spreadsheets with goals, daily habit trackers, and budget planning/bill pay. It even has ample room for note-taking. I love it and will definitely order one for 2022.

10 PM work.jpg

On Wednesday nights, Brown and I usually head up to the lighthouse to hang out with some friends. The lighthouse is not an actual lighthouse per se, but a decorative one that sits atop a hill in the center of our community. The sunsets are amazing!

People usually bring wine or their favorite beverage (I usually have wine or a frozen drink). Tonight's choice was wine. Brown wasn't feeling well, so he stayed home. I was so stressed that I needed to get out for a bit and decompress. I got there later than usual. The sun hadn't set yet, but it was getting ready to go down.

11 wine.jpg

One of the couples there brought their little dog. He was cute, but I forgot his name already.

13 doggie.jpg

Aaaand, the sunset did not disappoint! Unfortunately, the window between the sun going down and the mosquitoes coming out is minuscule, so I cut out shortly thereafter to avoid getting eaten up alive.

12 sunset.jpg

I came home and realized I hadn't eaten anything since my second breakfast (7:45 AM), so I had some fried rice and took the rest of my vitamins. In retrospect, I am glad I did not pass over my second breakfast, and I didn't feel as guilty for having it. I did not photograph it, but it was scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and potatoes.

14 latenight.jpg

Last shot of the day. It was such a long and stressful day, so I was in bed watching some TV before crashing.

15 beforelightsout.jpg

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