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A Glimpse at 10th May 2021!

It's a chill day for me in Singapore, working from home for the day due to Covid restrictions!

The day starts with my dog Shaobao waking me up at around 6am in the morning. I usually wake up any time from 5:30-7am, and he would be there at my bedside waiting for me to stir and show any signs of life. The moment he knows I'm up he will start scratching the bedside and whimper to get me out of bed.

And the day continues
I take a quick shower in the morning and then do our laundry. My husband and I do our laundry every other day.

Then it is time to groom Bao. He would usually be chilling on the sofa until I take him to a desk in the living room for brushing, wiping of his tearstains, and also apply medicated eardrops for his current ear infection. He isn't happy about cleaning his ears, thus the long face.

Then it is time to prepare breakfast for Bao and myself. For myself I have a toast with butter and kaya (coconut jam popular in South-east Asia), Meiji mango yoghurt and Ipoh white coffee.

It's around 7am by the time I am done with breakfast. I bring Bao for a walk around the estate. My hair is a mess because I only intend to walk around our condominum's compound and there isnt much people around in the morning. I'm also dressed really casual in home clothes since I want to be comfortable for working from home later. Masks are compulsory in Singapore when outdoors (except when eating/drinking and doing strenous exercise) so got to mask up!

Bao loves his walks, and I enjoy the cool morning air. We walk aruound the condo's compound for about 20min. I usually bring Bao for a short 10-20min walk in the morning, and a longer walk to the nearby park/neighbourhood about 30-50min in the evening.

We get home around 7:20am. I wipe Bao's paws and body clean with a wipe, and then Bao enjoys his breakfast~

While Bao has his breakfast, I tend to my balcony garden. I haven't watered the plants in a long time because the recent weather has been hot in the morning, rainy in the afternoon. So I remove dead leaves, and check that the water gathered at the base of the pots doesnt have mosquito breeding etc. Bao would usually join me in the garden when he is done with breakfast.. and then he will chew my plants orz

While waiting for the laundry to be done, I vacuum the floor. Bao doesnt shed because he is a maltipoo, but I shed ALOT of long hair... so I try to vaccum every other day. Thankfully our place isnt big, it is just a two bedroom unit, so it is easy to clean.

Around 7:45am, laundry is ready, I hang them up for drying. Dryers are getting popular in Singapore these days, but I'm not a fan of them. I prefer to let the laundry dry by the sun or wind. We are on the top level with a open balcony, so we installed a retractable awning, which we can easily retract to allow for fast drying under the hot sun. Under the sun, our clothes usually get dried and toasty within 2-3 hours.

Around 8AM, i prepare for work in our study room converted into home office. I usually start work around 8:40-9am, but one of my project's partnering company had a change of staff who is still learning the job, so a few of my team members and I been starting work earlier to check that she edited her work correctly according to our feedback before it goes live at 10am.

I have towels and clothes hung up for drying in my study room as well, which helps to cool down the room too. I try not to turn on the air-con to save electricity and the Earth. I do miss working in our office which is fully-airconed though.

My worktable for the past 1 year due to Covid. We didn't have the option to Work From Home prior to Covid due to confidentiality issues, but when Singapore announced Circuit breaker lockdown due to Covid, our company had no choice but to purchase laptops and setup VPNS etc and got us all setup for working from home. The laptop screen is tiny so I requested for an extra monitor, but it definitely isnt as comfortable as working in the office with 2 huge monitors. Though Singapore is no longer full lock-down, we are still restricting the headcount in office, so I'm only going to office once or twice a week.

Around 9am, my husband arrives home from his night shift. Bao and I go to the door to welcome him.
He has a quick meal and then KOs for the day while I continue to do my work.


Lunch time around 12pm. Husband is still sleeping, so I just prepare my own meal. Natto, korean seaweed, half-boiledegg  and pork buta don instant pack over rice. It is all easy to prepare. The pork buta don is from Donki, I just need to boil the entire pack in hot water for about 10min, cut open the pack and pour it over microwaved rice. This is my fast go-to option on days when I'm too busy with work to cook up something or go out to buy.

Bao sleeps at the main door while I work. I leave my home office to check on him every now and then, and give him belly rubs. Patting/hugging/kissing him helps me to destress from work too.

Around 6pm, husband wakes up, wash up and head out to meet his friends for dinner. After he left, I realized I have winged ants flying around the lightings in the house. I quickly close all the windows so we wont have an invasion of winged ants. (last year I had an invasion of hundreds of winged ants when I didnt close the windows). I kill off those that managed to get in before I close the windows by putting a basin of water under the light. The ants will mistake the reflection as lighting and fly into the water.

I end up OTing late until around 8pm. Bao comes in to the room to remind me that it is time to end work, feed him and spend time with him. I pack up my laptop to bring to work the next day.

I bring Bao for his evening walk. We walk around the neighbourhood. It's a good night, we encountered some other doggos.

Back home, I'm not very hungry but I know I will go hungry if I dont eat anything. So I prepare a luncheon meat, cheese, egg sandwich.

It is near 9pm. I turn on the TV to have some background noise and wait for the 9pm news.

I give Bao his ear ointment again (twice a day). He just doesnt like it. lol

9pm news is on. While listening to the news, I go through livejournal and post a new entry.

At the same time, I let Bao play fetch with a bully stick until he gets tired of it and lay down to chew it.
10pm. Husband is not back yet, but Bao and I retire to bed. We are both larks (early riser, early sleepers). Bao loves sleeping on the husband's pillow when he is not around, but he is not a fan of sleeping on the bed, so usually we will put him down to sleep on the cold hard floor which he prefers.

And that's it! I KO around 10:30pm... I remember husband coming home after midnight etc, Bao running out to welcome him, and we had a quick chat before I fell asleep again lol

It's a bit of a boring day, but I guess it is interesting to write down how my day is during this Covid period.


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