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MAY 2021: Your Favourite Room & 10 May

Workers of the world, unite! It's May Day today, but May is the start of summer for us here in the Northern Hemisphere. I hope your days are filled with sunny days and dreams of holidays. Thank you to everyone who participated in the glimpses and all who participated in the poetry challenge. Poetry shows up where we least expect it sometimes!

This month, the glimpse at your day will be Monday, 10 May! Remember that you can do any day you please, especially if your Mondays aren't all that interesting. A small reminder that you need more than one photo of your day, and we like to see at least ten (but that is a loose requirement). I have no idea what I'll be doing.

This month's photo challenge will be a one room challenge to be posted on or around 22 May 2021. We challenge you to take photos of just one room of your house. What is your favourite room? Is it your kitchen? Your conservatory? Your new work from home office in the guest bedroom? We're using "room" loosely so if it's your deck or front porch, that will count too!

Reminders, of course, to follow. Hope you have a great weekend!


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