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April 23, 2020 - Highland Park, NJ

A short series of pictures since it was your usual, mundane, lockdown work-from-home day. Pictures are clickable to make bigger if you get the urge.

JonJon was up and ready to be petted while JuneBug was content to stay plastered to the heater

JustEgg and fake cheddar on whole grain/seed toast and cold brew with oatmilk and a little splenda

Starting my work day at my kids IKEA desk squished into the corner of my bedroom. I'm perfectly content with this arrangement and I honestly don't want to go back in the office. I never really met with people in person much anyway.

Kitties were not content with the small snack given and pestered me for more mid-morning

Since I was up giving kitties treats and since I didn't know how long my review was going to go on, made some orange coffee pour over and a few vegan chocolate chip cookies.

Waiting for my boss to get her ass on the webcall so we can do my yearly review. She didn't read the self-review we were required to send weeks before and also pushed our meeting later. She also tried gaslighting me but I was having none of it. Ah well.

Made a tossed together tofu stir fry for lunch with veggies I had in the fridge. I had intended to put kimchi in it but I opened my last container and it clearly wasn't sealed properly since there was mold on top. The folks at Trader Joe's swapped me out for a new one the next day.

A peek out the door. It was a nice day but I just couldn't be bothered to go anywhere. I hope next week I get the urge and go to the local farmers market

A familiar sight, especially this last year for all of us. The box piles that once you take them to the recycling, more seem to spawn

Was mentally drained at the end of the day so went simple by air frying some faux tenders and dipped it in Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce (the sugar free is excellent!) and some microwave-steamed broccoli with citrus and herb seasoning.

Packages seem to arrive later in the evening these days. This arrived at 9pm and I had something arrive at 10:40pm the day before. I hope the delivery drivers are paid well. With this one, it always amazes me how fast DHL gets packages here from Korea. Most of the time it's two days from shipping to arriving at my door.

Well that's pretty much it!

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