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April 23, 2020 - A Friday - Southern CA USA

I wake up and feel like shit for the 5th day this week. I didn't tell you guys previously, but now that we have officially and publicly announced, it's time! I am pregnant. It's weird because I got through the first trimester with no morning sickness, but as soon as the second trimester hit I'm sick every morning.

I have been having a smoothie every morning, but even the thought of something sweet makes me gag. I have a granola bar instead.

At about 7:15 I haul myself off the couch to get ready.

Must go to work - still feel shitty.

Off I go.

There's going to be a few moments like this during the day where I forgot to take pictures. Pregnancy brain maybe? Probably not really. But I stopped at the grocery store to buy cupcakes because it's our secretary's last day in the office and I stop at Starbucks. I have not been drinking caffeine, but I am incredibly constipated and figured some caffeine actually might do the trick. (Note: it did.)

Today was an incredibly light day at work. I had 2 cases. (I am a lawyer.) I was out of the courtroom by 9AM. And then I did some work. And then I did some shopping.

At lunchtime we take our secretary out to lunch. I had a turkey bacon sandwich and fries.

When I get home from work I take my picture for my alldressapril posts on IG. Checkers has to help.

I do a load of laundry.

I photograph this pair of Toms to add to my poshmark.

Bertha, my dry/wet mop iRobot, sweeps the house.

And then I change into this very beautiful and very matching outfit.

I begin (or rather finish) my project. I've been painting my baby's crib yellow for the Yellow Submarine nursery! Today I'm adding the seal coat.

Isabelle supervises.

Checkers does too. And he may have even laughed when I spilled the sealant all the cardboard.

I do get on my computer and do some work.

I go back and add the second layer of sealer. Look how beautiful!

At about 5:30 I feed Isabelle and Checkers their dinners.

Time to get my makeup off.

I change into something a little less ridiculous.

I pull out the vacuum and vacuum where the crib is going to go.

Now I'm tired, so I watch TV.

Justin gets home from work. I usually cook, but I did not tonight because I'm tired. He makes himself a hamburger and heats me up a leftover slice of pizza.

(Ignore my finger.) We watch Mortal Kombat on HBO Max. It was good!

After the movie I get ready for bed.

I take my prenatal vitamin and a low-dose aspirin which I have been directed to take.

I rub my belly with this lotion to try to avoid stretch marks and then I go to sleep!

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