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A glimpse at my day - Kamloops, BC - 2021-04-23

This may be the biggest glimpse at my day yet. 30+ photos below the cut. I needed to document this lockdown life.

Apologies to those who also follow my personal journal, who will see this twice.

I wake shortly after 6am, when the sun rises. It's still cold at night here.

First thing i do each morning is check the news. Today it's pretty much all bad news about the pandemic.

I had saved up money and originally wanted to take a traveling sabbatical after leaving China last year, but the pandemic put a stop to that. Instead i have been doing some part-time work as a software developer. I put in 2-3 hours today.

One sweet food i love is hot cross buns, but they are usually only sold in 12-packs here. Last time at the store they had 6-packs, so i bought one. I considered buying some margarine to put on them too, but there were no tubs small enough for a half dozen buns. Two hot cross buns and black coffee for breakfast.

Shower and brush teeth.

The suite i am renting is much bigger and more outfitted than anywhere i have lived in years. It even has a full length mirror.

I decided to head out on a bike ride to get some fresh air and buy some soy sauce.

On the other side of town, the ground is being torn up to lay another pipeline. In the mean time, these oil trains roll through several times a day.

I leave the bike path and head on to the gravel, then the sandy path beside the river. Something funny happened with the focus on my camera, because i was taking photos and riding at the same time. You might be able to see the snow on the distant mountains.

Time to sit down for a break and do my flashcards. In Canada traditional Chinese is more common than simplified Chinese, so i have been learning the differences.

Heading back to town i snap a photo of two people walking along the dyke that protects the trailer park from spring flooding.


I stop to watch a westbound intermodal on the CN main line.

In the Asian grocery store, i find a special treat - 韭菜 or Chinese chives. I almost fell over myself with joy because i initially thought them to be my favorite vegetable 空心菜/通菜 (water spinach), but chives are pretty unusual and special too here. I also bought red peanuts and some mushroom soy sauce.

There is a bridge in town where graffiti is legal, and every couple months there are great new artworks.

I bike down under the bridge to drink a beer by the river.

At home i put the supplies in the fridge and watch an episode of the new CW show Kung Fu.

It's time for dinner. Mise en place is finely diced garlic, ginger, chili and chives. Also some silky tofu, baked beans, baby bok choy and more chives. Lately i have been listening to the Pirate History Podcast while i cook.

Food in progress.

Food done. Aside from the beans and greens, i have two bread rolls spread with hummus and peanut butter.

I watch an episode of Young Rock with dinner.

Dishes done, time to drink.

And watch another episode of Kung Fu.

Oh no, i drank too much. That means i will start listening to music and post some stupid shit on LiveJournal which i will probably regret the next day. Tonight it's Ani DiFranco.

I blacked out at some point after that.


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