S. Abdul (newlifeinstpaul) wrote in glimpseatmyday,
S. Abdul

A Poetry Challenge? Well, What Do I Win...?

Today's B's Cancer-Free Day. This year's sucked far too many gritty-surfaced balls for a typical boohoo-ass weepy card.

This choice took a full 15 minutes from a man. Imagine the sacrifice.

To which I added a late night fever dream as follows:

If we Only Believed
What They say on Fox News
Then this card would be racist
T'ward Asian folk, too

With N-words for woodpiles
And nonsense from 'Q'
With some 'secret'
That COVID's from Kalamazoo

Let's thank Buddha for reading skills
Allah for forks
And those thinkers, that THINK
Not to re-elect dorks

You're still here! Shake them both!
Just be sure to have fun
Cuz You're immunized, dear
In the year Twenty-one

...to which B complained I'd given her an IMMUNIZATION card, not a Let's Relive ALL THE GODDAM SURGERY AND CHEMO OF 2016-2018 card.


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