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Poetry Reading - A Love Story In Reverse

Poetry... the stuff that every teenager thinks they can write, because nobody else really understands... The stuff you discover years later, in a folder at the bottom of a box in a cupboard somewhere, when you're looking for something else... The stuff you then unceremoniously burn in the back yard, because you dare not throw it out in the garbage or paper recycling bin, in case someone sees it, reads it & thinks not only what a whiney teenager you were, but also what a bloody awful poet!!

Thankfully, there are some people out there who are actually pretty good at it - John Cooper Clarke, for one. Here's a reading of his poem A Love Story In Reverse, from his book Ten Years In An Open Necked Shirt. A warning: Having come to prominence in post-punk Britain, he's not afraid to drop the occasional 'blue' word or phrase, so if strong language offends, or you have impressionable children anywhere around, please skip to someone reading something else... though probably not Rochester, or Sylvia Plath... & maybe Robbie Burns too... unsurprisingly 3 of my other favourite poets!!


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