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What's in my pretty empty Fridge..?

So here's our Fridge!
It's a Hitachi 6-door fridge which husband and I kinda fell in love with at first sight. We wanted a bigger fridge, but anything bigger wouldnt really fit well, so we went with this.

We are a Singaporean young couple, just the 2 of us and our furbaby, so we dont really cook much, thus the fridge doesnt really have much it it.


That's our dog Shaobao in front of it

So let's check out what is in it!
Starting from the top. The refrigerator compartment. We usually put drinks, snacks, condiments, food that we took out from the freezer to defroze for cooking etc/food we intend to eat soon. It's kinda empty at the moment, like most times. The only time the fridge gets filled up is when we're planning to cook for the week, or we have inviting friends and family over for meals.

There is a nice vacuum compartment at the bottom which is great for keeping food fresh.

Below the refrigerator ompartment is the ice-maker on the left and our ice-cream storage on the left. I have a ice-mat in it for our dog Shaobao to cool down after long hot walks. I'm a sucker for ice because of the hot weather in Singapore so having ice for ice-cold drinks at all time is a necessity.

Below the ice compartment is the freezer compartments which is split into 3 drawers
Our freezer compartment is full amost all of the time because we have alot of frozen food. It's so easy and cheap to eat-out or order Grabfood in Singapore. So, husband and I dont cook often and dont plan our meals regularly. We stock up alot of frozen food (eg. fries, frozen pork, frozen fried chicken, nuggets, frozen brocolli, mixed vegetables, cod fish), that we can easily pull out, heat up and cook up a quick simple meal when we get lazy or tired of eating out. I am trying to cook more at home since home-cooked-food is still healthier, but it is really so much easier to just eat out.... orz

Frozen brussel sprouts, mushroom, brocolli, corn, taiwan sasuage, fishballs, dumplings, edamame~

Frozen prata, rice dumpling balls, harkao (prawn dumplings), Chinese fried doughnut, frozen unagi~
All these make for easy meals.

Bottom most is the vegetable/fresh produce compartment. Usually we will put our fresh vegetables in it, but we dont have much in it for this week since we aren't planning to cook much. I have some yakisoba, garlic, tomato, chilli, kimchi, korean chilli paste, tupperware of dried scallop, half a daikon, dried mushrooms.. and a dehumidifier to keep the compartment dry.

And that's it I guess?

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