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(Late) What’s in My Fridge

I don't think I'll have much to write about my Fridge as... the kitchen and the pantry are simply Not My Domain. When you have a chef for a Dad, or, to be more specific, when you have a Retired Chef Who Had Nothing Else To Do Around The Home for a Dad, the kitchen will become His Domain. LOL

So... actually I didn't even "clean up or sort things out" to prepare for this post. I simply just shot a few shots of the fridge and figured I'd roll with that. So this is our fridge. Nothing exciting. We never had the habit to "Leave messages on the fridge" so there's just a rare magnet or two. There's a recipe stuck on the front, from who knows how long ago. On the side of the fridge (not shown) is another sheet of paper with all the dogs' medication... and that's about what we have out on the front.

As for what's inside... as I've already mentioned. Not really my domain LOL. Requisite carton of milk. Dad has a thing for apple juice so there's that. Used lemons that we just throw into the fridge coz, supposedly the lemon helps with the smell. A lot of packets and plastic bags with god knows what. There's a lot of dog food too. Now would be a good time to warn the world that we are a family of... not caring for the expiry date. I have, in fact, found stuff that have gone past the "expiry date" or "best before" or "use by" date... for 5 years or more too! We have a running joke that "if it's past the best before date, that just means that it's turned good!"

Ok down by the veggie compartment there's... veggies and lemons... the beer I suppose is Dad trying to hide the beer from Mom I guess. Since Mom won't really cook so will not look into the veggie compartment, LOL.

As for the freezer/ice compartment, there's that ice cube tray that's hidden, and I see a pack of glutinous rice dumplings, I suppose it should be good, but I wonder why we didn't have it when a few weeks ago it was some kind of celebratory date that we should have eaten that stuff. Huh.

We actually have another standalone freezer but it's a pain to open it because the cats love to lie on top of it. And anyway, I suppose in there will be just all the frozen meat (chicken breast fillets for the dogs mainly) and maybe a box of ice cream for us.

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