Living & Dying In 5/4 Time (waitingman) wrote in glimpseatmyday,
Living & Dying In 5/4 Time

An Australian Fridge...

Hi... I've just joined the Community & here's my first post. I wish it was something that made WaitingManor look
a bit more appealing, but here we go

From the outside, you kind of know what you'll get inside

And you're probably right...

There's only two of us, but it seems we're not too consistent with our eating habits - there's a bit of everything in here, from fresh fruit & vegetables, to crispy shallots, soy milk & waaaaaaaaaay too many condiments, especially hot sauces. Probably a few too many cheeses too, but I ask you - how many is too many?!

There's a separate, smaller fridge out in the garage for soft drinks, mineral water, the occasional white wine & whatever we can't fit in the main one. Currently, there's a whole duck out there, defrosting & drying out for roasting later today...

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