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Wednesday - 4th May, 2016

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I know I'm not selling this, but yesterday was a fairly dull day of being at work and in the gym. Most days are a little more exciting, honest!

Anyhow, I am Tom, 35 and from Bristol. My four legged friend is Juno, 1 and from Bristol.

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I wake up at 7am and let Juno in to say good morning

 photo glimpse2_zpslraabcvd.jpg
She then has her breakfast. Here she sits patiently waiting for the command to eat. She'll then scoff the bowl of food down in seconds.

 photo glimpse3_zpsxji4jkcq.jpg
My first appearance. I live in one of the flats behind me.

 photo glimpse4_zps2lx6hq6i.jpg
This is where I am headed: the gym. I go every day. Sometimes twice a day. Also: timestamp.

 photo glimpse5_zpsn6cj4y9f.jpg
I run a 5km on the treadmill. Next weekend I am running the Bristol 10k. A year ago I'd have laughed at the idea of this, but I have lost around 9.5st (60kg) in that time. I've raised around £2000 in sponsorship so far, so I'd better complete the run!

 photo glimpse6_zpstwddublm.jpg
Did I mention that I hate running? I'm still carrying excess weight, so it makes it all the harder.

 photo glimpse7_zpsww29xpzk.jpg
Hometime to de-smell

 photo glimpse8_zpsgliiefga.jpg
Porridge - the breakfast of champions

 photo glimpse9_zpsvexndnkm.jpg
Time to head to work. This is the view from a little further along my street.

 photo glimpse10_zpsjdg6r6wj.jpg
The view from my office. I can't take pics inside the office as I deal with patient data.

 photo glimpse11_zpsydrlnwsz.jpg
Having said that, here is my lunch. I'm trying to boost my protein intake.

 photo glimpse12_zpsvct3chta.jpg
I get home shortly after 5pm and receive a warm welcome from Juno.

 photo glimpse13_zpsvdkgymus.jpg
I catch up on Pointless. The best quiz show on telly.

 photo glimpse14_zps4wvg5nxy.jpg
Time for an adventure. We head to the park. I opt to take the bus there, even though it is only a 20 minute walk. Fortunately Juno is great on the bus and she sits quietly on my lap.

 photo glimpse15_zpsutxbdk7a.jpg
Today feels like the first proper day of summer and I check to see what she is like running with me on the lead. (She is on the lead, not me. Though I guess we both are, in a way)

 photo glimpse16_zpsbpae20rf.jpg
We have a short break so she can take on some water. We don't run too far, just 3km. Now I have more confidence in her, we'll go for further distances.

 photo glimpse17_zpsrngvminc.jpg
We play with a ball for a bit. She is obsessed with chasing after it.

 photo glimpse18_zpshyj3jvip.jpg
Back home, showered and gowned.

 photo glimpse19_zpslhohx6hd.jpg
The evening is still warm, so I sit outside and catch up on the silly games I play

 photo glimpse20_zpswyu9s4ae.jpg
I have sweet potato mash (with spring onions) and chicken breast for dinner. It is a staple meal for me and tastes much better than it looks.

 photo glimpse21_zpsbqsxd6mx.jpg
After watching the telly for a bit, I put Juno to bed

 photo glimpse22_zpsp5fmkem4.jpg
My last job of the day is to put my polling card out so I remember to vote in the morning.


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