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MARCH 2021: March 17 & What's In Your Fridge?

Lots of participation in our February challenges! And now it's March! Remember that you can post days late and past days if you'd like. You can also post days outside of challenge days!

March's glimpse at your day will be Wednesday March 17, 2021. This day was chosen by a random number generator. What will you be doing? It's St. Patrick's Day. Does that mean green beer and corned beef and cabbage? Or is this not something you recognize? (I probably don't, I'm not in college anymore.) What will you be doing on that Wednesday? You'll see me at work!

March's monthly challenge will be due Friday March 26, 2021. (You can also post it later, of course.) It's the what's in your fridge challenge: show us what you have hiding in your refrigerator. If you want to do even more you could show us your pantry and spice cabinets!

Reminders will follow. Have fun!

  • Reminder: All Meal Challenge starts TOMORROW

    Tomorrow starts your all meals & snacks photo challenge from Monday, 25 October to Saturday, 30 October. Eat well!

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  • Reminder: All Meal Challenge

    From Monday, 25 October to Saturday, 30 October take pictures of all meals & snacks that you have during the week. Bon appetit!

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