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February 15, 2021 - Joshua Tree, CA

I am a day late, but I did do a glimpse. It ended up working better this way, because my Valentine's Day was pretty boring as Justin had to work, so I was just home alone most of the day being lazy.

I get up at about 7:15 a.m. and let the dog out and then feed the cat and the dog. Monday February 15 is a holiday for me as it is President's Day - so I'm home.

I discard half of my sourdough starter and feed it. Tonight (like, Tuesday night) I'm making sourdough pizza crust with it. I've been working on this since middle of January when I was quarantined.

I make a smoothie for breakfast with spinach, avocado, mango, and banana.

Justin has to run into work for a minute to drop off something and I get dressed.

He's not gone for long. When he gets back, we set out for an adventure!

This photo looks bad, but it's not, I promise. We're going off-roading, which means we should air down our tires for a softer ride. Justin is releasing air from the tires intentionally.

Just this week Justin had the Jeep lifted, so it's way higher than it was originally. Adventure time!

This is a Joshua Tree.


We stop to take a picture of these cows. They have horns! And babies! And then a big horned cow dude starts approaching us, so we decide it's time to keep driving.

We get out for a stretch.

So then.... Justin took a wrong turn. And it was all fine and dandy until we came upon the biggest boulder that we had to get over. Justin got out of the car to see if he could see how we should drive over it, but decided one of us needed to be out of the car to guide the driver over. This meant I had to drive the damn car over a boulder. The first direction he gave me, I could not do. I was verging on panic attack. We changed our tactic though and I did drive the car over the boulder. The car front was so far up in the air. This picture is of me when Justin was out of the car seeing how we should drive, before I knew I was getting into the driver's seat to do it. I wish I had a picture of the boulder.

Once we have survived and get off the scary road, we take a break and eat lunch.

Then we continue our drive into Big Bear.

Once our adventure is over, Justin pulls off the road and inflates the tires fully.

We get home and take stock of the muddy car.

Justin gives the car a bath.

I play around on poshmark.

Isabelle and I cuddle.

Shower time.

Then I make this tofu dish for dinner. It is inedible.

It is so inedible that we get dinner out instead.

The chicken quesadilla is edible!

Then we cuddle up on the couch until a 9PM bedtime.

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