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The first full-length show I directed was Charlotte's Web. I kept this word from her web and it hangs over the bedroom door so it is one of the first things I aee everyday

I didn't sleep well, but lonelydumptruck and I were still up early because we were having Mike D. and lilbluegnomeo over for brunch. Luckily my Diet Coke and to-do list can get me through just about anything.

We planned on making a shrimp and grits casserole, pancakes and bacon but we discovered we were short a few ingredients so I had to make a quick run to the store.

The casserole didn't quite firm up but it was delicious and the pancakes turned out great.

Not pictured is the bacon, which needed more time.

We spent all afternoon playing boardgames, starting with Munchkin Shakespeare (which I won)

Roll With It (which I completely lost)

and Sushi Go, which was the most popular and I lost. A lot.

After lilbluegnomeo and Mike D. went home we adjourned to the Taupe Couch

It's seen better days, but we love it.

Our neighbor's cat moved in with us last year. We call her Neighbor Lady and we love her tremendously.

I joke that my job during the pandemic has been Cat Butler and she kept me busy with her need to see if it was warm enough to go out multiple times tonight. (Spoiler alert - it wss not warm enough.)

We finished watching One Night in Miami

and then we heated up leftover pizza, opened some prosecco and lonelydumptruck taught me how to play Carcassonne.

until bed.

Life's pretty full

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