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GAMD: Sunday 14-February-2021, Macau

Hello! I remembered to do an ADIML/GAMD today! Here we go from Macau, China.

It was the Chinese New Year just on Friday, so we have a long weekend this week (Friday through Tuesday public holidays), so today, a Sunday, was supposed to be a lazy day. However, the timer of my growth lights seem to have gone wonky, and they lighted up earlier than the supposed 8am... so I was up before 7am.


The blasted lights that woke me up *rolls eyes*


Even the dog wasn't up yet, and was still snoozing on the sofa!


Since I was about the only one up, I decided to get my own breakfast. I have this microwave egg cooker hen thing that can be used to make hard or soft boiled eggs. Yesterday, I tried a 3-minute on mid-high setting on my microwave, and it didn't quite get it done. Today, I tried 4-minute on mid-high setting and the soft boiled egg came beautifully!


After my breakfast, I sort out my plants. I bought a Sakura-tree-in-a-moss-ball bonsai type of thing last week, and the shopkeeper said to submerge the whole moss ball in water once a week, so I did that, and set the few plants that like direct sunlight out to the sun. The Sakura bonsai buds are budding!

5084172F-6C25-408D-A775-36D4E9764A6B.jpeg B4A09809-1084-42CC-8542-6514975F4632.jpeg

Humans and dogs were starting to wake up by now, so the next order of business was the morning dog walk!


All was well and swell, until I received a call from my Boss' driver saying he wants to get something done, and in order to get that something done, I have to get back to the office, despite it being, a Sunday, a public holiday, and the third day of the Chinese New Year.

0EF66000-E5B1-49E8-9D3D-A78603C29E6E.jpeg C65215CB-1336-4B73-B5D0-831C1E321A9D.jpeg

It's very rare that I drink Starbucks, but I decided to give this new flavor a try, given I'm being inconvenienced to get back to the office on a holiday. The Starbucks Strawberry thing tastes better than the McDonald's Hokkaido Strawberry soft-ice.


Because it's the Chinese New Year, Peach Blossom Trees are part of the decorations. This is my workplace's Peach Blossom Tree. According to my Chinese friends, you need to go around a Peach Blossom Tree (though I do not recall whether it's clockwise or anti-clockwise) 3 times in order to change your "luck with relationships". I have no interest of doing that though, LOL, but the tree is so pretty! Especially now that it's actually blossoming!


In the office, I got what my Boss wanted done (content wiped off). My Sunrise Succulent also didn't seem to get enough light and has started to elongate and grow taller, so I put in a growth light in hopes of stopping it from sprouting upwards.

06E417AC-A8F8-4A4F-A14F-BBCBA5026F08.jpeg CA7F6DF0-A5C9-4A9C-BEBF-4FA574547482.jpeg

I went back home around noon, and the rest of my family have left for lunch. I didn't go to my "Obligatory Sunday Family Lunch" because it's the third day of the Chinese New Year (as mentioned previously). And the dog was sleeping again, haha!


Going off-tangent for a bit, during the Chinese New Year holidays, people would go to each other's homes to give Chinese New Year Greetings (Gong Hei Fat Choi/Gong Xi Fa Cai, Good Luck, Health, and Prosperity, type of greetings). However, on the third day of the Chinese New Year, it is the "Chi Kou"/"Chec Hao" (赤口), and it is not appropriate to visit people as it's easy to get into arguments. And my friends P and C and I have this longstanding tradition of just going out for a get-together on this day. "We are 3 women anyway, if we fight, we fight," is our long-standing joke. And because it's Valentines' Day today, we were sure we wouldn't find anywhere available, we decided to go on a picnic at the beach!

3A2994F5-E69B-439C-8BA3-17C4323A06C2.jpeg 946C704C-1720-47EE-A6B3-5B7023DF020D.jpeg

I think we brought too much food for 3 people haha, there were some leftovers!

F71AE548-9328-4E46-BFB8-FE0105BED9ED.jpeg 227F1E62-4ADF-440C-A24C-7B17A1CE179A.jpeg

A lot of chatting, and I'm happy to say there was no fighting nor arguments :-) It was so pleasant, I felt a bit regretful that I didn't bring my Kindle for a bit of reading. But it's OK, as we all managed to keep each other entertained.

B4C76D69-7318-42F7-B6A0-BC8AB68CB5F8.jpeg AB3C8C7B-33CC-410D-9344-4EE339798554.jpeg

Half way through, C's sister, who took their dog out for a bit of walking, swung by to say hi. The poor old dog, almost 15 years, and she took her hiking for an hour! The dog, Yuki, was so knackered! Have no fear, Mama Kat is here. When C's sister left to go to the washroom, I fed Yuki a tiny small piece of pork knuckle and she quickly brightened up again. C then got her to drink some water, and then C's sister came back and took the dog home. It was too much walking for the poor dog.


So the little girl on the left is somewhat of a hot shot recently in town, because she's like 6 years old I think? And dancing hip-hop dance. So I guess her parents? Trainer? Wanted to do a video of something so we just sat there looking at them dancing and filming.


Eventually, it was time to head back home. We were in a shade, but I guess the sun still got to us as we felt totally drained. Just some random shot of this weird house with "LV" on its ironmongery (we like to joke it's Louis Vuitton), and the Pousada of the beach (Pousada de Coloane).

D00A6C3A-EB80-4CF8-B3F2-59D178D21C1E.jpeg B6CB6094-0C57-4E36-8B56-BBC682696C43.jpeg

Nice view of the sun set on the way home.


Back home, it's the night time dog walk, nothing special.


I was still so full from the picnic, I just sat down with the family when they had dinner, but I did not eat anything. I then showered quick, and hopped into bed to write in my 5-year Hobonichi Techo. My dog was digging my comforter out and moved that yellow plushie doll so it's lying as if dead in the corner, haha!


As I waited for the ink to dry before I put the book away, I put Netflix on and watched an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. Then, I just sat back and am here writing this. I'm so tired, I might just go brush my teeth and call it a day. It's just before 10pm right now. It's gonna be an early night, I guess.

I hope you enjoyed my day! I certainly found it fun!

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