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FEBRUARY 2021: 14 February & Skin Care Routine

Can you believe it's already February? Thanks for participating in January's day in the life and the challenge! Food challenges are definitely my favourite. Remember that you can post days late and past days if you'd like. You can also post days outside of challenge days!

February's glimpse at your day will be Sunday, 14th February 2021. This day was chosen by a random number generator. What will you be doing? It's St Valentine's Day, but it's also during the celebration of the Lunar New year! Maybe it'll even just be a normal Sunday...

February's monthly challenge will be due Saturday, 20th February 2021. (You can also post it later, of course.) It's the skin care routine challenge: show us how simple or complicated your skin care routine is. You're all so beautiful/handsome/attractive: give us your secrets!

As always, reminders to follow. Happy February!


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