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29 January 2021 — Copenhagen, Denmark

Sabrina here. I talked my boyfriend Alex into doing a day in the life with me! So here's his day, in 20 photos. 

Usually, he wakes up at about 8.55. His day starts off with meetings until 10; today, it went to 11. Somedays meetings last all day and some other days he can get work done. His first meeting started at 9 today.

Clothes picked out. At about 11 meetings are finished for the day, then he showers and gets dressed.

His workspace. He is waiting for a new chair. Stacks of paper, including bills to pay.

His caption for this photo: "Brushy brushy desu~". There is also beard oil involved.

From Alex: "I was about to leave to get food but I am interrupted as another developer has a delivery depending on me doing a git merge and deployment. An hour of merge and debugging hell, I'm done and can finally get some food. I'm also picking up a package from my girlfriend." (spoiler: no he wasn't)

"First snow of the year." 

(Also, I mentioned this looked very Soviet, and he said "Danish commie blocks.")

"Masks out for neck beard."

He says about 90% of the people he sees out and about wear masks.

Automated checkouts are not unusual.

Getting food. The Danes do know how to queue.

The package that is definitely not from his girlfriend. A series of photos.

Not from his girlfriend! A new chair since his last one broke.

At least the ground is icy enough to drag it.

Made it to the terrace door!

What he went shopping for (sorry for the sideways photo). All those cards are from his lovely girlfriend, who you might know. :)

Tonight's dinner.

"Between 9 or 10 I chat with my girlfriend usually for 2-3 hours."

Spend most of the night doing this.

Time for bed.



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