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Single meal challenge

I didn't realize until mid week that I was supposed to not just pick one meal each day, but that it was supposed to be the same time-of-day meal. Since by that point I had two breakfasts and one lunch, I picked breakfasts. But I'll include the pic for lunch because hey, I could have eaten it for breakfast if I had extra time to have made it earlier before work. Food's food. So here goes. Mostly vegan with one vegetarian meal


The errant "lunch" of pan fried spicy tofu which I used the small lettuce pieces to eat it ssam style with a little of the Trader Joe's kimchi on top. Side of soy-braised potatoes which were too salty. I'll have to try that one again sometime and see if I can improve it. Unsweetened vanilla seltzer to drink


Silk vanilla soy yogurt topped with fresh strawberries, thawed baby blueberries and homemade granola. I make the granola only barely sweet at all because I prefer savory breakfasts and it offsets the sweetness of the yogurt and berries. Coffee with Silk non-dairy half and half and splenda. Eating at the desk while logging into work emails


Rye toast with a thin layer of Kite Hill vegan ricotta, then smushed avocado, sliced hard-boiled egg and Everything But the Bagel seasoning. Cold brew coffee with faux half and half and splenda. I went from doing mostly keto from about October-December which I didn't like at all and wasn't helping my health aside from a little weight loss to mostly vegan with eggs a few times a week and fish once a week for the healthy fats, D and omegas that my system needs badly. Much happier now.


Eli Zabar's health bread (LOVE this stuff) with a thin layer of vegan ricotta and one slice with EBB seasoning and radish sprouts and the other with sugar free lemon spread. Trusty coffee


Avocado toast on a piece of health toast (no ricotta) and a smoothie with chocolate protein powder, frozen banana and soy milk. Wherein I figure out that I don't really like bananas anymore. I'm freezing some cold brew coffee to try to make some protein mochas instead but other suggestions welcome as I have a huge vat of the just-opened protein powder


Just Egg scrambled with fresh chive on top of toasted health bread that had a slice of vegan smoked cheese semi melted on it and topped with chunky salsa. I had only tried the Just Egg once ages ago when it was new and at the time I wasn't impressed. However, I was just transitioning over to vegan and even tofu was new and weird to me still. Since the price on Just Egg has been dropping, I decided to try it again and I'm glad I did because it is delicious. Unfortunately it sticks to the pan something awful so I'll be getting it in the frozen already-cooked version (which happened to be on an excellent sale at the grocery today). Oh and the usual cold brew coffee. Cofffeeeeeeee


Hunk of demi baguette, half with avocado toast and the EBB seasoning and radish sprouts and the other half with the Just Egg scramble and some pickled yellow peppers (no faux cheese), side of fresh strawberries (they are YUM right now) and good ol'cold brew. Most mornings I eat around 7:30-8am but on Saturdays and Sunday, I don't eat until after getting back from errands around 9:30 or so. On Sunday I eat a bigger "brunch" type breakfast and most of the time just have a very light lunch.

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