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what's in my bags? slightly belated september 20th challenge!

I had so much fun with this last year, I knew I wanted to do it again as soon as I saw the challenge post! I decided to not only pour out my handbag for you, but also my dance bag (musical theatre student with a special focus on classical ballet in the dance section), and because I carry so much stuff with me in both of these, this is going to be quite image heavy! Apologies in advance!

Avi, 28, Austria. ♥

My current (I switch once in a while-ish) handbag: Pink-ish coral and Tinkerbell themed! Got that one at the Disney store and I love it so much. ♥

Not in, but on my bag: A not-very-subtle hommage to Swan Lake, haha!

In my defense, this one was pre-attached. :P

I am very surprised by the lack of garbage in there, honestly!

First things first: My wallet! Nothing works without my wallet.

Also very important: Water bottle! Keeps cold liquids cold for 24h, and hot liquids hot for... 18h? 12h? I've only ever used it for water so far! But it's definitely essential.

Keys are the key! What you can see on the mild keychain overload: A rose coloured key pouch, a ballet pink pointe shoe, a pink-rose coloured Matryoshka (I have Ukranian roots and am quite Russophile), Blathers (my baby <333) from Animal Crossing, the black one is from the Sadler's Wells Theatre, one that says "Hozier" and "Take Me To Church" in the back, aaaaaaand a "Freed of London" pointe shoe sole replica!

My kindle!

Not leaving the house without my sunglasses.

Tampons! Stored in my Cath Kidston Winnie the Pooh pouch. ♥

Just some more Disney magic in form of an umbrella.

Always with me: My AirPods.

Pencil case.

Containing: Two different kinds of painkillers, my copyshop payment ring, a pocket mirror, an USB stick, two pencils (blue and pink), an eraser in lipstick form, and way too many pens!

Mostly Disney pens.

Usually, there is also a "fresh" Invisibobble hair tie in there that I was now reminded to replace when I found it missing!

Pencil case 2.0: Matching the bag,

Containing dual-tipped super colourful pens for Scrapbooking. I gotta figure out how to fit most of my washi tape in there too.

Planner 2020/21. I have a matching bullet journal as well that I only rarely take with me, though.

Extra strong chewing gum cannot be missing.

Phone charger plus power bank.

Slightly blurred and upside-down tissues.

Hand sanitiser (the one with the blue cap is almost empty, so I have two) and sanitising wipes. I've had those in my handbag since way before this whole mess started, so no new additions for me there. The masks I usually wear constantly when I am out (with a spare one around my arm sometimes), which is why there are none in the bag!

Blister plasters. Currently particularly important because I have the worst open blisters on both my heels, you are very welcome for that information.

Pocket alarm that I should prooooobably attach to my keys... <.<

Pandora certificate (plus bill), because I very spontaneously bought a new charm for my bracelet yesterday, haha.

Bonus: The bracelet. ♥

"Breath of Fresh Air" LUSH toner. Still the same one from last year, oops.

Peach-scented facial mist from one of my more recent "no make no life" boxes!

A tiny tester of some MAC make-up setting spray.

Last but not least on the handbag front: Just a bunch of lipsticks.

Not a colour I would wear usually, but it was also part of one oof my no make no life boxes and actually suits me surprisingly well!


My highly adored dance bag from Cloud & Victory: "doing it for pizza". ♥ (Plus slight spoiler since they are usually inside: Bright pink jazz sneakers.)

A very important Cloud & Victory (one of my favourite dancewear brands!) medal on the bag, haha.

The plastic you can see is a wet compartment for liquids and wet clothes to avoid a mess!

Extra shoe compartment!

I... Could not even make this mess look tidy when trying to get it all on the picture. In my defense, though, I currently do not have a locker at the conservatoire, haha. But let's get this started!

Pointe shoes! My old Grishko 2007s that are borderline dead - also included: toe pads and a toe spacer that I sometimes use.

More pointe shoes! Brand new, not-yet-prepared Gaynor Minden shoes this time - not necessarily my preferred brand, but all the shoes I usually wear you cannot get here, so... Here we go, haha. Still need a lot of sewing and love before I can get started!


They come in their own bag, though! And the bags have their own colour-code describing the shank - green is the hardest option!

Bright pink Bloch jazz sneakers, because... No matter how strong my ballet focus - it's still musical theatre!

Deodorising Pouches filled with bamboo to eliminate all unwanted odour.

Very important: Sewing kit!

Containing every important thing to keep my shoes perfect and stable - I also added spare pointe shoe ribbons and elastics for emergencies, as well as a lighter to seal the ribbons after cutting!

One slightly massive role of Bunheads toe tape.

Gaynor Minden Dancers' Dots - those are round protective gel cushions in different sizes that help a lot with blisters or super huge pressure, etc. and are seriously little miracle dots!

The Covet Dance # dancerproblems Kit for all kinds of emmergencies!

Containing: A hot and cold pack, hair spray, a nail file, lip balm, another small sewing kit, two hair ties, and a bunch of band-aids. All very important to have in one little pouch, haha.

For stretching, strengthening, and warming up: Two resistance bands (light and heavy), and the bright pink Gaynor flexibility band.

Foot lotion!

Triple strong deodorant, haha.

Rosin Spray! I actually find that to be a lot more handy than actual rosin (plus, it doesn't ruin the floors), especially when used to keep the pointe shoe heels from slipping which is a problem I very much have with most shoes. Highly recommendable! Usually I would also have some point shoe glue in there, but I totally misplaced mine, haha, oops.

Two fresh pairs of tights: Ballet pink convertible tights, and black stirrups.

A large mesh bag to gather all the sweaty clothes in one place, haha.

My very much beloved cooling towel! It's seriously amazing, and has this very special cooling technology activated when it's wet that just helps SO MUCH. The best thing ever, ngl.

Also super important: The organiser bag!

With the cutest zippers <3333.


Another set of spare pointe shoe ribbons and elastics (even though the ribbons will be sewn onto my new pointe shoes soon), bun nets, and the hair kit.

That has the best-holding hairpins and ties, by the way! I usually have an entire make-up bag (saying "Dancer.") full of hair stuff in my bag, containing also a small hair brush and hair spray, a bunch of scrunchies as well as my "Hair PinPal" (which is a magnetic little thing that collects all your lost bobby pins), and other stuff, but I think I forgot that at home when packing to go back to Vienna, oops!

My Grishko Tempo ballet slippers! They're actually still quite new, which is why they still look good, haha.

Not-so-new: My Bloch Phantom jazz slippers!

A spare set of toe pads, the Bunheads Toe Tantra infused with different oils that helps spread out your toes after a long dancing day to give some relief, and my foot massage roller!

Another pair of convertible tights.

VERY worn, but very comfortable: My Gaynor Minden "Cosy Paws" warm-up socks! I love them so much!

Eurotard Sports Bra, aka the best sports bra I have ever owned, haha. It's perfect for work-outs or any form of dance that doesn't involve leotards!

Bloch waaaaarm-up jumper with thumbies! ♥

My super beloved Bloch long dance pants! With leg slits!

Move ballet shorts.

Bloch leg warmers, matching the jumper!

One of my favurite skkirts: My black opaque Capezio pull-on skirt!

A Cloud & Victory t-shirt I like to just put on in between classes, saying; "my center is here today", haha.

Finally: The most gorgeous leotard to ever leotard - my Cloud & Victory "Constellation" leo. I love it so, so, so much, it was my back-to-school present to myself, haha, and I cannot wait to wear it in the first ballet class of the semester! ♥

And... There we go, haha! Congratulations for making it through, and thank you so much for stopping by! ♥ This was definitely just as much fun as last year.

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