cindy (tsuki_no_bara) wrote in glimpseatmyday,

what's in my bag? sept 2020

i have an ancient coach purse that has seen better days. (this is it when it's full.)

so what's in it?

top row:
1 little bag with cards (business, credit, gift) in it
2 blistex
3 eos lip balm, lemon flavor
4 tiny level i got at work that used to have a keyring hanging from it until it broke off
5 work keys (a key for my office door and a key for my file cabinet, because i don't have an actual desk with drawers and i'm supposed to lock up my laptop at the end of each day). the tag says "small cabinet". i haven't been in the office since the end of march so the keys are currently kind of irrelevant.
6 car clicker with three house keys and one random key (underneath the clicker). the only thing i know for sure about the random key is that it opens a door i no longer have any right to access, but i have no idea what door that is. the keyring is from i think wincon 2014 (it's a fannish convention and the last one was in 2015).
7 work id and lanyard, altho i don't work for the libraries any more

bottom row:
1 curiously strong mints :D
2 pen from a sonesta hotel outside atlanta, ga, which i do not recommend
3 travel kleenex
4 checkbook (i got the cover millions of years ago when lost was still on and i still watched it. it's been taped back together at least twice. and i could not get a decent picture that did not have a flash flare right there. >.< )
5 wallet, containing bills, coins, assorted cards, my driver's license, a fortune cookie fortune ("a good evening is one spent in good company"), and yet another key of unknown provenance. also a random receipt for something i bought in japan twenty-two years ago, except because i can't read japanese i have no idea what it was for.

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