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What's in Your Bag? September 2020

You know who I am: Sabrina, 34, currently of Augusta, GA, USA. My bag is a raubdruckerin "Colourful Berlin" tote bag, a gift from my partner. (He also got me one in pink.) I have always wanted one. I don't carry a lot!

From top to bottom, left to right:

1. Big Lots receipt.

2. Carabiner to carry heavy bags (a life tip).

3. House and car keys. Wooden keychain bought from a market in Newcastle.

4. A Minor History wallet (discontinued). I love the colour and the shape.

5. A classic red pocket Moleskine, personalised. Another gift from my partner.

6. Glossier balm dotcom in birthday (which just tastes of vanilla, but it sparkles).

7. Pen from a church in the area. 

8. Biosept antibacterial hand gel, given to me by the Peace Corps before evacuation.

9. My phone, a Google Pixel 3XL (its case, at least).

The contents of my wallet.

1. US dollar notes.

2. GA driver's license.

3. AAA Plus card.

4. A new 5£ note.

5. Geico insurance card.

6. Blood donor's card.

7. Coupons for McDonald's and Burger King.

8. Stickers for the postbox, still not stuck on.

9. Debit card. 


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