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What’s In My Bag 20-September-2020

I remembered! I splurged on a Burberry bag almost a year ago, and I've been using the same bag since... my set up has been more or less the same... except for the iPad and the mask case since March this year (COVID19/quarantine/work from home/masks a must)

1 - The bag
2 - iPad for work meeting notes, minutes, agenda, (and puzzle playing when I'm bored)... the calendar doesn't sync with my work calendar though so I need to bring it to work to manually input the calendar items as well *rolls eyes*
3 - My default phone, it's mainly for work (WhatsApp, messages, voice calls)
4 - My personal phone, which I hardly use anymore because I got an unlimited plan on the work phone... I only place it in my bag in hopes of getting my steps together for a game that I play (that needs me to walk to create "energy" for the gameplay)
5 - ANOTHER work phone, but it is only used to check emails (long convoluted story made short: Work does not allow "bring your own device" for accessing work emails, so I had to issue a company phone just for emails... but the company phone also disallows messaging apps so.... *rolls more eyes*)
6 - My Kindle, I read it (or am building the habit to read it) during my lunch break
7 - Wallet... there's cash, credit cards, insurance cards etc... but I hardly use them as everything can be accessed with the phone and e-payments... I wonder why I'm still carrying a wallet around...
8 - Work card case. Got a tiny bit of cash, some business cards, one credit card (mainly for lunch spending) and my staff card
9 - Shopping bag... BYOB is a big thing now, so I always make sure to have a foldable bag
10 - Phone charger pouch with all the lines for different devices, etc
11 - a pack of tissue
12 - a face mask case thing for when you need to put your mask away
13 - Lip color, which now I wonder why I'm carrying one as we all wear a face mask and hardly anyone puts on any lip color... guess I should switch to lip balm
14 - hand cream
15 - a random pen I pocketed from work. I should look for my own pen! (It's somewhere... it's got my name engraved!)
16 - Starbucks straw that I've been carrying around for awhile but only used once
17 - Home keys pouch
18 - another card case with all the member or discount cards.... again I hardly go shopping, and most member cards can be used via a photo on the phone... so I wonder why I'm carrying that around...
19 - Bulbasaur! It's actually my AirPods case in a Bulbasaur case (I can show more photos of how it works)

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