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GAMD/ADIML Sunday 13 September 2020, Macau

Just suddenly felt like I could do a GAMD/ADIML today so here I go!

Since it's Sunday, we kind of all slept in... It was all bright and sunny out already at 8ish am.

Without fail, Bido (18/19?) makes his rounds around the apartment greeting everyone a good morning with his whining.

We get the doggies out for their morning walk! Got distracted and didn't take a photo during their walk.

This was a funny shot... someone somewhere did some washing so this drainage was spewing bubble and foam, and Frankie wasn't quite sure what to make of that LOL

Back home, I went to the kitchen and felt the north wind blowing, feels like Autumn! At least, when you are out of the sun.

Dad felt like having 豬腸粉 (Rice flour rolls) for breakfast today so we went out to get them. It's like, the most nutritionally redundant thing because... it's just rice flour rolls with heaps of soy sauce, sweet sauce and sesame sauce/paste. Like a kazillion calories and 0 nutritients. But it's not everyday we have that, so it was good.
3B795BEA-347C-45ED-8207-136F2A02F460.jpeg 96BA3E4F-ECA9-4293-8250-1F5D1F5CCC00.jpeg

Harley makes an appearance today!

It's Sunday, so it's fold the laundry day, so here I am, folding laundry and sorting out what-belongs-to-whom.

Figured as nowadays I listen to music from the iPhone with the AirPods, I could once in a while put my iPod classic to good use. I should use it more before it says goodbye.

I wanted to read a book or do a Coursera session but the timing wasn't quite right as it was almost time for lunch. So I just tended to my few plants.

Why must my dog un-make my bed after I've made it? I guess I'm lucky I actually finished the laundry folding and all that first.

I very suddenly remembered today was the day to register for the mini-marathon (4.5km). Yesterday was for the Marathon and the Half-Marathon, which I won't even consider since I've gone on a running hiatus the last 5-6 months or so. Usually these online registrations get full within a half hour of going online (9am), I'm so lucky I still managed to get in at 11ish. Next year, maybe, if I manage to keep my running streak, I'll consider the half marathon.

The obligatory Sunday Family Lunch. I work in this building. Though the lunch location is not here. It's opposite.

We had a Dim Sum lunch today. Order duty usually falls onto me because I can read the Chinese menu. My cousin also reads a little bit so we were just choosing stuff and feeling fed up with reading the menu aloud for the seniors to decide, when the seniors aren't even paying attention and then we have to read like 4 times. So.... My cousin and I sort of went overboard and ordered just WAY TOO MUCH FOOD. But guess what? We actually managed to finish it all.
94AD27DB-AF63-49AE-8B1B-40BC955724F3.jpeg EFE2DED1-6A6A-47C5-B0E2-FAAF92F3277B.jpeg

Then it was a quick trip to the vet to pick up some medicine for the dogs. I can't find my dogs on this wall, but they're there somewhere.

We get home and there's some fuss... we call that the "Welcome Concerto".

Here's Frankie.

Here's Sai-Lup (細粒), or Max.

I lounge around in bed to read.... then promptly fall asleep LOL

Well, 2 hours later I get woken up and am told we'll take the dogs for their evening walk a little earlier than usual.

So I figured after the dog walk, I'll stay behind and go run at the bike/run route just next to the dog park. I'm a little sad about my average speed of 7'37".... before I stopped my running 5-6 months ago I could do an average speed of 7'10" and even 6'55" one time. It's just a matter of getting back in shape I guess. I shall work on it.

I had plans to take the public bus home but Dad said to call him. I won't say no to a ride! The surprise was, he brought Frankie! Though he's too dark to be seen LOL. While I waited for him to arrive though, I walked along the running route for a bit. Just opposite the river... or estuary, I guess, is China. That used to be just empty land. It's now a behemoth of a city, and still growing. It's a new economic zone and there's a lot of investment going on over there now.
83A005A9-58A6-4A97-B802-2A0531AE07E5.jpeg C874527C-9D2B-4F3C-82EC-797CE4560D0E.jpeg

Frankie is sitting on my lap so of course there's the obligatory torturous selfie LOL just see how unwilling he is haha!

Back home, it was a quick shower, and... due to the super-heavy lunch, there's no dinner served... so I had a lot of time to spare. Figured I could get a mask going. The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal thing is nice. When you put it one it really STINGS but it's nice cool. The lady wanted sell me a rose gel thing to use after the Charcoal mask, but I had a Shu Uemura Sakura gel thing that was similar, so I didn't get it.

And back in my room, my bed is totally unmade with Menina on it like this. I guess I should be proud, since dogs sleep belly up if they feel safe, or that's what I read. I'm just more annoyed that she keeps un-making my bed. I'm not anal about it, but I like seeing a made bed during the day.

Annnnnnd..... I've put down my phone, and after this post, I'm going to continue reading on my Kindle until midnight and lights off!

Hope you enjoyed my day!

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