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24 hours: 5:30 pm Sunday August 9 - 5:30 pm Monday August 10

I keep forgetting to start this in the morning of the challenges, so I decided to do something else. This documents 24 hours of my life from Sunday August 9 to Monday August 10. To give context to these 24 hours, my husband and I sold our house. We are buying a new house which is delayed in construction. Before I started documenting my day, we had just finished moving our entire life into storage.

5:30 PM Sunday August 9

We have finally finished moving our house into a storage facility. We are beat. We had already driven to Justin's parents' house - where we will be staying until our new house is done and dropped off our things. We're staying with them for the time being, but will be getting a hotel room a couple times also to give everyone a break. We decide to start this journey by staying in a room Justin had comped at the casino.

5:50 PM Sunday August 9

Before we get to the hotel, we stop at Walgreens. Justin needs to get something.

6:33 PM Sunday August 9

We bring our stuff into the room and then we head downstairs to the restaurant for dinner. Because of Covid, all of the restaurants in our county are actually closed to dine-in. However, because this is Indian land, they abide by their own rules and dining is open. You have to have your mask on when you aren't eating. And when you walk into the building your body is scanned by this body heat scanner to make sure you don't have a fever.

6:43 PM Sunday August 9

We order drinks. I had some type of mule. He has a beer.

6:57 PM Sunday August 9

Dinner is served! Justin ordered fish and chips. I had this rib sandwich with french fries. We were so hungry and this was so good.

7:22 PM Sunday August 9

I get another cocktail. These are good.

7:34 PM Sunday August 9

And then we proceed to lose our money.

7:47 PM Sunday August 9

This is Justin's favorite casino game. He actually has a tattoo that is reminiscent of this game.

7:51 PM Sunday August 9

I get us some beers from the bar.

8:27 PM Sunday August 9

And this game takes my money too. All the games take my money. But the comped room somewhat makes up for that.

9:16 PM Sunday August 9

As this picture demonstrates, I am quite drunk and it is time for bed.

7:07 AM Monday August 10

Good morning. Justin is still asleep.

7:51 AM Monday August 10

I decide to take advantage of the huge hotel bathtub.

8:29 AM Monday August 10

Justin's still sleeping. I am hungry. I make my way downstairs and get a muffin and some coffee.

10:08 AM Monday August 10

This man is still asleep. What the heck.

11:25 AM Monday August 10

We do eventually have to check out though.

12:18 PM Monday August 10

We both fall asleep on the couches at my in-law's house.

2:25 PM Monday August 10

Nap time is over and I pull out my computer.

4:01 PM Monday August 10

We go to The Habit to pick up burgers for dinner.

4:19 PM Monday August 10

We get back to Justin's parents. We eat. And then I forget to take the 5:30 PM picture.

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