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Autumn, 35, in Denver, CO. I've posted many times before; my last post was in April. Quite a bit has changed in my life since then - but that's 2020 for you! I'm a 7th grade English teacher at a middle school, and on this day in my life I return to school to kick off the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year (which will be fully online in my district).

The first alarm I've set for anything work related since late May.

Wash up and brush my teeth. I have, literally since I can remember, been a "shower immediately afer getting up" person, but I've started running in the mornings and showering twice is pointless.

Walk the pups. Kafka (the chihuahua) has been featured in nearly every Glimpse At My Day or ADIML. I stayed at my girlfriend Sarah's place the night before, so Kafka is joined by her 105lb English chocolate lab.

Return back to Sarah's. I love her little entry-way.

Feed the pups. Kafka is and has always been a timid eater, so I literally sit next to him to ensure that he eats without interruption (or the lab stealing it all).

Setup my temporary workstation to listen to the district Superintendent's beginning-of-year message; I am prepared with my coffee and a smoothie.

Give the pups some love after the "meeting". Ranger is being mopey.

Changed into running clothes.

And then ran 3 miles! I've never really been a runner before, but Sarah is pretty hardcore about it and has taught me actual form and techniques and it turns out that I love it. Today I set a PR on pace - I've never been sub-11 minutes!

Get dressed to go in to actual work; this is literally the first time I've put on anything semi-professional in months. I look incredibly tall in this picture, but the ceilings are only a bit taller than my 5'7" self as it's a "garden level" apartment.

Time check before I head out.

Walk the four blocks home, but grab something from my car (the green Forester - which I bought just a few weeks ago) before I go in. I am super grateful to have off-street parking here.

Head up to my 3rd-floor place. This building is from the 1950s and has some neat decor.

My place. It's very small, but it's newly remodeled and really clean.

Pack my "teacher bag". I'll literally not use this again until October since I'll be working from home.

Place a Starbucks order before I leave.

This is technically lunch, as I'll be at work from 11:45-4.

Arrive at my building and head to the library, where our meeting/training will take place. I am greeted with a pile of goodies, among which is an iPad that I am not exactly sure what to do with. Any fun apps (educational or otherwise) for them that you can recommend?

This is how we do a meeting with social distancing.

Do several hours of going over new procedures/protocols, lesson planning, and getting an idea of what is expected.

At 2:45 I'm freed to spend an hour or so in my classroom and meeting with the other 7th grade English teacher.
It seems like a ghost town, but to be fair it's like this at the beginning of the year normally. I would be setting up my classroom during a normal year, however I'm just grabbing a few things that I might need for the next few months of online teaching. Also, I snuck in a timecheck in the third picture.

I had to be out of the building by 4. I came out a few minutes late, but close enough.

Goodbye, school. I'll see you in October...hopefully.

Back to Sarah's where I find parking and walk up the alley. I would normally park at my building and walk the four blocks, but I'm tired and lazy and want to give the dogs a potty break.

Take the pups on their afternoon walk. They were only home alone for like 5 hours but Ranger is desperate to go out.

Come back and grab a hard seltzer before doing a quick brain-dump of the things I need to do on Friday.

Sarah returns from her part-time summer nannying gig (her last day of it).

Meet up with a neighbor-turned-friend for dinner and drinks at a place I've been wanting to check out for a while.

This is called a "Sloshy". It was a raspberry banana flavor with a vodka base. It was stronger than I anticipated.

Fish and chips. I needed some greasy junk food after having to jump back into work mode.

Sunflowers on the walk back home.

Not ready to go inside, so we decide to hang out on the sweet shared patio for the building.

More drinks were in order.

Braxton the Boxer graced us with his precense.

Hours and several drinks later, we moved to the back patio. I took this using the Night Sight feature on my camera. I've lived in rural or suburban towns for so long, I'm rather enamored by the city.

I pass out fairly quickly after heading inside as I have to start working full time the next day.

Thanks for reading!


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