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Saturday 6/27/20

Mary Lou. 29. PNW.

This is a glimpse of my Saturday 6/27/20 where my Dad comes to visit and we brave the outside world.

I wake up early but decide to lay in bed and play on my phone for a long time!

I spend hours watching food vlogs on Youtube and looking at cute and funny tweets on Twitter.

My Dad texts me to let me know he's getting ready to come down and visit. He uses voice to text so his text messages always come out wonky but at this point I can pretty much understand what he's trying to stay.

I get ready and throw on a simple and comfortable outfit. One of my cats loves to photo bomb me haha. I realize I hardly ever show my face in these posts. I didn't take any selfies but next time I document my day I'll make sure to take one!

I always melt scented wax whenever I have guests coming over. I pick French Lavendar for today. One of my favorite scents!

I feed my betta fish Clifford. He's so photogenic hahaha! The cats have an automatic feeder now so I don't have to worry about manually feeding them anymore :)!

My Dad arrives and Mochi sits quietly and listens to us catch up. My parents don't live near a Trader Joe's so he asks me to take him so she can pick up some specialty items. Off to the store we go!

Our haul! My Dad was so kind and offered to pay for my groceries (;_;) so I offer to take him out to lunch.

We go to an amazing local sushi restaurant. I ask my Dad if he'd be more comfortable taking the food to go but he wants to eat inside. I feel conflicted because I want to support local businesses but on the other hand I feel bad about subjecting the wait staff to the general public given everything that's going on. Have any of you gone out to eat yet? I'm not sure if I want to go out again cause I'm still feeling guilty about it but my Dad had an amazing time since he hasn't gone to a restaurant in months due to the quarantine.

After lunch my Dad asks me to take him to the local Honda motorcycle dealer. He is looking for a protective vest but they don't have the one he is looking for. I do my best to stay away from people and just linger in the middle of the store lol.

We get home and watch Tiny House Nation for a bit while my Dad pets the cats. I'm obsessed with tiny houses and hope that I can own one in the future! I'd have to downsize A LOT before I made a big purchase like that but the minimalist life is very appealing to me. My Dad ends up heading out shortly after.

My package from Chewy arrives! I ordered some stuff for my new pet guinea pigs. I adopted them from the Seattle Humane Society a month ago. Our local shelters became full of all kinds of critters once the quarantine began since so many people lost their jobs and couldn't afford to take care of their pets :( so I wanted to give a nice home to some new furry friends! I've always wanted guinea pigs so I've been very happy!

Speaking of my pet guinea pigs (Peaches and Cinnamon)... they begin squeeking which usually means it's salad time. I wash some veggies and prepare a tiny salad for them!

Today's salad consists of romaine lettuce, cucumbers, and mixed bellpeppers. They happily chow down!

I decide to relax and listen to music while I text some of my freinds. This is one of the new random playlists that I made.

I make a big mason jar full of iced fruit tea :)! I love this new cold infuse tea.

I start to get hungry again so I cut up an apple and enjoy it with peanut butter, honey, and shredded coconut on top. So good! I eat while I look at ocean front hotel rooms since my 30th birthday is coming up soon. I'm thinking of taking a quick one night trip to Seaside, Oregon for my birthday but am unsure because of COVID :(

I have a strange work schedule so I typically go to bed very early. At this point it's around 5 PM so I decide to crawl into bed and read an easy book for a while before I pass out.

Thank you for reading through my day! I hope you all are doing well :)!

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