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Tuesday, April 5th

A day in which I work my first, favorite job, and haven't worked my second one so I'm not absolutely exhausted....but I still don't do much. Haha

I wake up dark (haha) and early, because I fell asleep early and slept 13 hours.

First thing's first, and for me, that's always breakfast. Cold cereal it usually is.

Check out some youtube while I eat.

Then, I do and put away the dishes because I've got plenty of time.

Next, it's shower time!

Music choice for the shower because I like background noise.

All done and dressed for work!

buuuut I've still got tons of time, so I take care of the mess I fell asleep dealing with.

Finished the laundry, sorted clothes for donation, and made the bed with clean sheets and comforter!

I really need to take out the trash, so...

I put my work boots on and get to it!

At least the dumpster has a somewhat nice environment.

The sunrise as I walk back home. <3

Decide to check the mail. Not a thing. This isn't good, because boyfriend is waiting on a paycheck
that's already three weeks late.

Back in the house I browse instagram. I haven't caught a single episode of the Walking Dead this season! :(

Shoot a text to my coworker/friend about this book series I'm about to finish.

Still not time to leave, so I take a minute to write in this journal the boyfriend bought me.
I'm not usually a journal person, but since he bought it, I'm trying to use it regularly. Plus, I LOVE Zelda.

Afterwards, it's finally about time to go, so I do my final grooming.

Picked this one, hoping it'll make for some good luck.

Teeth brushing time!

Gather my things. The book I'm on, the clothes to donate, and the air fresheners because they just smell really awesome.

Start the car to warm it up. It's a chilly morning.

Decide to clean out the car a bit.

Select some music to drive to.

I realy like this sign.

I pass through three counties on the way to work.

Also, a monument! I haven't been, but I plan to go eventually.

Wooorrrrrkkk. except it never feels like actual work. I love this job.

Looks like we have a new addition to the shelter already!

As I walk in, Roscoe, our dog mascot, comes bounding to me. I feed him, and he knows it's breakfast time.

Our cat mascot does much the same.

"Feed me, you will." says Yoda.

You obey Master Yoda if you're smart.

There's the animal control officer. I talk to her a bit, until it's time to clock in.

Speaking of, finally!

I survey the damage and say goodmorning to my children.

This is Rabbit. She's my favorite currently. She's so sweet, and so crazy.

Say goodmorning to my coworker friend, and get started!

Spring is always first. <3

In the middle of cleaning, another coworker stops by to tease us as we work.

Spring's cage is all clean!

Penny is being silly

Toby is enjoying his run around time.

He says thank you for letting me out of that cage while you cleaned it!

Now my Rabbit's cage. This is her favorite position. She loves hugging knees.

Now it's time to water them. Duke is fascinated.

Text the boyfriend back, and time check!

About forty minutes later, we open. This is the first dog surrendered to us that day.

This is the second.

Time for some music and a break.

I don't usually take a break on such a short shift, but I was starving for some reason.
Luckily I had a snack in my car.

Back to work and let's distribute some toys.

Sarah is unimpressed.

While giving out toys, I notice this card. Is it a cat or is it a dog? We may never know with this card!

Time to leave!

I think that blue building is some sort of tourist center or something, but I've always liked the way it's shaped.

Pretty downtown mural.

I want a house painted this color someday.

I decide to go for Taco Bell.

Sometimes it's really it was really bad.

On the way home I suddenly run into standstill traffic. Apparently a wreck of some kind.

I wait about five minutes, turn my car off and start reading. So glad I brought my book.

Eventually we start moving again, and I decide to stop by this outlet store.
I'd never been, and had been wanting to check it out.

I'm unimpressed, so I only spend about five minutes doing a quick walkthrough.

Next stop for some lunch food for my lunch break at my second job tonight.

I'm addicted to this coffee. *_*

Time check as I get home!

It's pretty late in the day, so I start getting ready for bed. My second job is overnight, so
I sleep in the afternoons.

Teeth bushing time again.

Pick something to listen to while I fall asleep.


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