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June 7th

I haven't been keeping up with my friends page regularly.  I do eventually go back to catch up, but I didn't realize until today, Monday, that yesterday had been a Glimpse-at-My-Day day.  As it turns out, I did take some pictures and have some mini-adventures, so I'm posting anyway!

During the pandemic distancing, my insomnia and my anxiety and my schedule and my natural night-owl tendencies have combined to make it very difficult to get my butt to bed and my brain to sleep once my butt is there.  So my June 7th started out with staying up late to watch TV.  I'd seen that a series I've loved, Mad Men, was about to leave Netflix, so I sought out some episodes to review.  Here's a still from one of them:

After eventually getting some sleep, I got going around the middle of the day on Sunday. I did some stuff online and sat pondering how I might fix my messed-up window screen frame, so I could open one of the two windows by the computer and let my cat enjoy it too.  The idea of invoking my inner engineer struck me; I imagined (what I hoped would be) the ideal tool for the job, noodled around, and ended up going to the local hardware store to buy it.  It was the first outside-a-store social-distance line I've been in.

I got my clamp, to turn into a spreader , and some super glue, came back home, and got started.  Here it is in the stage of me hoping the glue would take:

A friend had texted me while I was there, and I thought of her again when picking up some stuff among the many things piled up around the house.  I wrote to offer her some of the plastic boxes I'd bought in bulk, and sent her this shot to illustrate the goods:

She said yes, so I took the trash out, put a bandana on, and drove to her place.  On the way I passed the Warby Parker on Main Street and saw that its decision makers were the most defensive in their pandemic/unrest planning, among decision makers about boardings up for our main street:

After I gave my friend the boxes & chatted with her a bit, I snapped this shot of the personhole cover next to my car.  The city is in the process of replacing this image as the official seal, which is sort of a bummer:

I decided I wasn't in the right footwear for a walk in the woods, so I headed home, via one place that was still open another half an hour, where I made this little selfie video for my own amusement.  But now I'm showing you, cuz it turned out to be Glimpse-at-My-Day day:

When I got home I got my ear buds from inside and went for a brief walk down the street and back, listening to some of On the Media until I switched to the next section of Woody Allen's memoir.  Before dark I managed to get the screen into the window frame and show the cat, who'd never sat in that window before.  He was a little interested, but it wasn't until today that he really got into it.

Then I made dinner--- was it Egg NickMuffins?  No, it was 2 burritos from the leftover burrito filling, and a hunk of cookie dough instead of a cookie.  I reckon it was about 9:30pm when I sat down with those and a big glass of water and the TV, finally watching the Noir Alley film, The Underworld Story, and playing games on my phone (shooting pool, mostly) along with whatever I watched after that.  And that's June 7th, as I now recall it on June 8th!


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