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GAMD/ADIML Sunday 7-June-2020, Macau

I remembered to record my 7-June-2020! But nothing particularly exciting happened... so here it goes!

I woke up just before 7am and wanted to continue to sleep in, since it was a Sunday... but then I remembered, we had stuff to do, so I had to get up!

So the day starts with the family usual: Dog Walk!
The dogs just will never look to the camera at the same time...
And Frankie finds something interesting that we can’t see, haha!
7795A0B5-6930-4C2C-9DA8-50EFDACC86CE.jpeg 3388B485-DA01-4775-96AF-F83472BA31D7.jpeg 756730A4-B4FA-44D0-83C0-93522B9FDC4A.jpeg

Arriving back home, we see it starts to get cloudy and expect some rain. Lucky that we got home. We feed the dogs their breakfast too! And for this little guy, I didn’t even let go of the plate yet and he’s almost finished... wow... do we not feed you enough?
032522A0-0E66-4F1B-9DBA-7194DBE9C219.jpeg 952A3A6D-DD14-4326-B4C2-507448D36098.jpeg

I tend to my plants (touch-wood, haven’t died yet) and then sit down to have some breakfast. It’s Sunday morning, and in the Animal Crossing game, it’s Turnips Day! Time to buy in some turnips!
D73FDB10-2136-4DB1-9CA0-F31ED8158FFA.jpeg 17C3C5A2-B123-4223-93E5-18731D9B71F0.jpeg

It’s Sunday so it’s chores day. First, clean up “The Bike” variation of “The Chair.” Yay. Cleaned that out.
D1CBB2E0-0519-44CE-AB29-6C218CACB84B.jpeg DC71A18B-1981-4449-ACC1-35379414266A.jpeg

Then it’s sorting out and folding the laundry, I have a supervisor checking my progress.
0C88388A-7D7C-4BE1-B586-70FB3BF0628C.jpeg 35623EA4-FBB3-48DE-B37A-08E0E38989E8.jpeg

And the highlight of the day... washing the dogs! Found some fleas on the cats, so we figured it’s time for the flea-liquid drip thing again. And so might as well wash them. So it’s wash day today, and in a couple days it’s flea drip day. And of course there are hiders that try to hide from a wash!
694BAFBC-96DC-4EF2-AEB5-BF5285B82972.jpeg A78E06DB-35B0-4035-B16F-6BEC486B98DE.jpeg

After all that and a quick lunch, I plopped back into bed for a power nap. Didn’t feel all that powerful when I woke up LOL

Went out for a bit to get the flea drips for the cats, and stopped by Starbucks. Forgot to shoot my drink, but they were doing a Top-up your account with X-amount of money and get a free re-usable straw. My take on it? It isn’t really useful. I get the environmental efforts and and whatnot, but re-usable straws aren’t convenient when you are out and about. It’s good to have one at home and in the office, yes, so you have a chance to rinse and clean it, but when you are out and about... do you hold onto the straw? Wrap it in paper? Get everything sticky? Probably more something that can be fixed with a change of habits, but I’ll just keep the straw in the office for when I get Starbucks at work.
8EBCFCEE-E77A-42D7-9B73-C3B11289AD3F.jpeg 729FB5C3-F26E-49C8-96C3-F4DDBBCB6936.jpeg

Meanwhile, along our ride out, went to fill up the car gas tank. Saw this wall with faint old advert paintings. I faintly read it’s some kind of beer ad. Oh, and Frankie came along for the car ride out.
C261C739-E46E-43B6-8457-D8169A2211DF.jpeg 82294220-5475-4378-A591-E3533832F3D7.jpeg

It’s so hot the poor dog (flat nosed) can’t handle a short 5-minute walk. We need to keep aware of his condition and minimize the chances of him getting problems. Menina, though, was looking cheeky when I got back home. Probably waiting for dinner, I’d guess!
23DFFE66-138A-4FEF-B698-B97827AEACDB.jpeg 40EF197E-6A42-41F4-A13A-CD59A32BCD62.jpeg

The human dinner. Seafood rice. We eat mostly western food, but sometimes decide to use the Chinese cutlery.
7AFB95B4-1904-40C0-AB7D-C26A61492487.jpeg 5FCC7B86-6893-4373-8DF0-34F33D41421C.jpeg

Max didn’t get any exposure in this post so far, so here is Max doing his “Human Dinner Rolling Dance”. Yes, he specifically likes to roll around when we are having dinner, LOL

I had plans to type this out last night, but then my friends called me to go on Animal Crossing as they were doing a group cosplay of sorts, and so......... the game went on till like 1am, and I just had to go to bed... coz, work day Monday!
C49AC186-54D1-41ED-AF66-4D63617CE3DD.jpeg 8D05FDAF-0382-4362-ACA9-68A14BFF4990.jpeg
38038C85-B240-42FC-84F5-BAB19CA38093.jpeg E017A1CD-1A0F-426E-B6DB-A3F189E75E76.jpeg

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