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WRITE IT ON YOUR CALENDARS: June 7 & Other Mod Stuff

Thanks for all of you that participated in our book review challenge. If you missed it and still want to play, go for it. I'll probably post one up today. I've just been feeling a huge lack of motivation.

Write on your calendars that on SUNDAY JUNE 7 I'm challenging you to give us a glimpse into your life!

To figure out the date I used a random calendar generator. Share what you're doing that Sunday, whether it's going to work or doing something more exciting! I'm hoping things will be getting back to normal here - maybe our shelters in place will be modified. Or maybe not and it look like my last glimpse.
Are you in?! What do you think you'll be doing that day?

Remember, you can always do glimpses or ADIMLs on other days. Feel free to share any you do here.

In other mod stuff, I'm looking for more suggestions of challenges. I have a list running of ideas including, showing us your favorite spot in your house, taking photos of whatever hobby you have, and doing another week of outfit challenge. Any other ideas of fun challenges you'd like to see pop up?

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