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ADIML Friday 24-April-2020, Macau

I have been a little pre-occupied lately, so I missed all the challenge days like in beginning of April and yesterday's book review.... which.... I'm still reading a book and am not anywhere near finishing it! (19% now!)

But I did an ADIML/GAMD today! It's Friday and I have the day off (tacked to the weekend, so I have a long weekend)

Woke up just before 7am, and I see it's gonna be a dreary day.

A426378A-063B-464F-AEC0-840783720F35.jpeg 2EE48AA1-82CF-4681-A950-9177AF1AC151.jpeg
As soon as I sit in the toilet this Frenchi boy comes to greet me and just sit in the bathroom. And he just opens the door without a bye-your-leave and keeps it opened *rolls eyes*
I usually have a crazy head in the morning so I wash my hair as well.

78E6A7A5-1A34-4E40-85D0-0528375F1CF3.jpeg 96A5B883-94DB-4715-A7B6-421DEEE3FF28.jpeg
The thing I've been preoccupied with lately is the Nintendo Switch game, Animal Crossing New Horizons. I check in the morning what's going on so I can plan, I don't know, an earlier dog walk at night so I have the time to complete the quests for the day or something. Nothing special today, so I can go about my day as I originally planned. The stupid dog tried to steal my sock!

We go about our daily morning dog walk. Nothing special this morning, no other dogs to ignite the Frenchie's drive for craziness. Usually, I will have breakfast after the dog walk & dog breakfast, but I had an appointment to renew my passport, so a little change in normal schedule.
I tend to my nerveplant and african violet before I leave for the day.

775FCDD5-4457-4032-8150-4BE50A8F222C.jpeg 1D87F88C-63D0-453A-BDC6-BC3BDB962AC8.jpeg
LOL! I don't usually match my face mask and attire but I noticed Mom got these pink (or shall I say fuschia?) masks, and I just so happen to have a cardigan to go with it lol!

A2C534A4-99FE-48E7-9918-653527578F18.jpeg 8738FE5C-DA2B-4C6C-8897-A2E589CEB2E4.jpeg
So... in my 30-something odd years of experience with the Portuguese Consulate here... I think I could say it's like the DMV in the US? Long waiting times? when I was renewing my previous passport I had to wait over 3-4 hours because of a stupid clerical mistake (they kept piling newer applications on top of the old ones, so only the applications on the topmost of the pile got attended to), so I was thinking this could happen this time as well. I already had a manicure lined up for noon. Nice schedule, a few hours for the passport, then to manicure and then a quick lunch.

Well, what happened was... everything was settled in less than 15 minutes (dare I say less than 5 minutes even....!!!!) So now we know... THEY COULD WORK FASTER. I was left with a whole morning without a plan...

But I'm not entirely helpless. Since I skipped breakfast, I went to get breakfast! Once in a blue moon McDonald's hot cakes pancakes whatever cakes lol

15EDF96D-04F7-439F-ADA5-22F3919DFB0F.jpeg BFB2BBC2-9BA5-49D7-92C0-13F828C255C3.jpeg
Because of the preventive measures for the pandemic and whatnot, the city has turned really quiet without the usual hustle and bustle of tourists. It was nice to walk around in downtown again.

0E3FCEE2-8333-42F2-A112-2FB8AAAFC89A.jpeg C16A3716-CA90-4678-855D-CB7BEBB9E591.jpeg
Some buildings having their facade touched up as well

CEFFA954-4325-4C3F-91FC-E73D4A86913F.jpeg 13582E86-6A60-4C38-A1E6-31B4AF197397.jpeg
The main post office. I remember my teacher for History of Art and History of Macau had mentioned she hated this building because it was weird to have the entrance in the corner. What do I know about art? To each his own.

I still hadn't deposited one of the cheques my boss wrote me (because he owed me money) so I took the chance to go to the bank. Again, not many people... I was done in 10 minutes.

3EA5570C-9E5E-4FE5-8455-41DE3F6B3867.png A15DB676-BAFE-4BF8-A83E-F7B4C9F9561E.png C0858B09-F2B6-4C1B-B8AB-708015026144.jpeg
I didn't want to go home, because the timing is weird. Then I had the brilliant idea to visit the library, but I had to check out the new schedule. So I know it's opened, and we are required to fill in this health declaration thing when going into government buildings.

7E739B69-B889-46FD-BF62-CBB880D18BBE.jpeg 6450E4AE-E1DB-4A0E-98ED-9D3C7C0A4856.jpeg
I could have just taken a bus to get there, but I needed my steps so I decided to walk to the library. Some scenes along the way... and yes, those are Sailor Moon sports shoes... that I am definitely not getting because they look HUGE.

50122566-9CD5-4601-83AE-F2A0DB471C33.jpeg CE5D9007-4B60-444A-B8BE-AABEB0A96980.jpeg
I never worked as a copywriter, but I sometimes do need to check some people's writings out... what's with the weird capital letters? Ginza PLaza....? ORiental TRaffic? I guess that's the brand to be written that way... but I doubt about Ginza PLaza....

PSA: if you intend to visit Macau in the future, wear good sensible walking shoes, better yet if they are hiking shoes! Macau's mosaic flooring may look pretty (yes, they are very pretty) but they are slippery as hell when it's raining. Even with these shoes I slipped a couple times. Also, if you were thin heels, the mosaic flooring is just gonna ruin your shoes!
20DABE59-07B5-4774-A52A-2CC9232469BD.jpeg CD2DD97F-8341-4906-9FF9-057AE7B5FE7A.jpeg
Lately a lot of these veggie stores have been sprouting like mushrooms. I wonder. I may have to try and buy from them to check them out. And finally arrived the library.

EA0BD63D-CDF7-465E-9BE8-3DCEF19F6A92.jpeg B673F845-3D9B-458A-A898-2040DB21EFB3.jpeg
To discourage people congregating, they've moved tables around and do not allow people to go to the books. I'm lucky I have my Kindle in my bag so I'm never without reading material, but it feels a little weird to walk into the library but read your own Kindle lol

42F8EB5C-B55E-4180-82FD-1B1537631A7A.jpeg 06C3E632-35EB-43D6-A8FE-3F3F33076FD1.jpeg
Around 10minutes before my manicure appointment, I leave the library an walk over, passing by some picturesque places... and they didn't open yet!

8CE7C2F8-7BF4-4630-A9CA-3ADC2E8FA654.jpeg 2FE54486-8386-45E3-B9E9-909A3AC9462C.jpeg
I sat at a bench outside the parlour for a bit and soon the staff started to show up and they let me in.

DFF28E11-02E0-4094-9B54-1F0C669E8775.jpeg DA3A699C-16CA-49FD-9C60-A8E219B92014.jpeg
Nails get done, the photo doesn't do it justice. It looks black, but it's actually translucent, so it's faintly transparent-looking. Very nice color. I've had enough of colorful the past few months!

AB77C5D1-D1C6-4FE6-82AD-EB5B7F0024C0.jpeg AF175B66-3DC1-499A-AFC7-1B34C03A42AF.jpeg
Walked through the dollar-store real quick to check out dog toilet paper, which they were still out. So I didn't buy anything.

I went to hunt for some lunch and found a teeny-tiny Japanese place. Had a veggie curry rice, ymmy!

D2B0E017-3BB3-4FDE-837E-9AC5B0AEDBD7.jpeg 202CFEEF-3582-46F6-9342-2769A9304C36.jpeg
I didn't have an actual time agreed with my Mom, but she did say to meet with her at the department store to buy a running machine, so I walked around town to kill time to go meet with her... Suffice to say, I waited for a long long time.

D215634F-5F21-4D6C-BFFB-80B48D099722.jpeg B5C1B5DD-4BD4-4407-9654-98EB5B7A9019.jpeg
Don't know how long I waited, but eventually she showed up, chewed the poor sales guy, and left me to "play nice" with the sales LOL. I had plans to buy the running machine anyway, so I bought it. I couldn't take any photos in there as photos not allowed in the department store. They will deliver on Monday. Meanwhile, Mom wanted to have tea with her friend. I had that late-ish lunch and didn't feel like eating just yet, so I offered to take Mom's shopping home ahead of her.

He was being a nuisance so I just grabbed hold of him, LOL

You can guess, he is either "asking for food" or "learning how to cook"

Time for their night walk! It started to drizzle very lightly, so that's probably why we had the entire dog park to ourselves.

B38CFAFB-C981-452D-85F3-69A86397C767.jpeg 64EC21C9-14ED-4052-A5D1-32BC1F1DE9D3.jpeg
Dinner was a light, simple affair, then I'm back in my room with the Animal Crossing game. Nothing much happens here onwards as it's just me gaming for a bit. Eventually I hop into the shower and put on a facial mask after.

Of course, there's always someone looking at you with didain.

And I happily start writing this entry!

So this was my 24-April. Mainly busy during the day but by night just being lazy and playing on the Switch.

I hope everyone continues to maintain basic hygiene and this pandemic thing to pass soon! Everyone hang on!

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