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A glimpse at my 4/3/2020 in Aurora, CO

I forgot to do April 1st, so I documented yesterday! My husband and I moved from Alamosa, CO to Aurora, CO in July of 2019 and we're both teaching (same district, different schools) in Aurora. All Denver area schools are (as of today) closed for the remainder of the year. We began online schooling on March 31st and will continue it through May.  We are starting to fall into our new routine, which admittedly is far less stressful than teaching in-person all day - but I miss my students a ton.

Up at 7:30 - my first video conference session is at 8:30.

Put on some music before I jump in the shower.

Dressed. Teaching online does not require much, and it's Friday.

The dogs (Kafka is brown, Freckles is black & white) race me downstairs to go outside.

Annnd it snowed. It'll all be melted by noon.

Power up the computers before I start making coffee.

Weighing coffee beans to grind. BTW - Driftaway Coffee is awesome.

Start up the conferencing software (we use Google Meet) and my Slides presentation that serves as a splash screen.

After conference: eat some breakfast (Frosted Mini Wheats). Cereal has become a steady part of my pandemic diet.


Just because.

Play some Words With Friends.

At some point I clean up my nails and listen to some music. My house has this wonderful rosy pink tile on every countertop. I actually love it, but it's not exactly photogenic.

Got a text that my new bike is ready to be picked up. Biking is a pretty big part of my life, and my last bike was purchased in 2011 so it was time to upgrade.  Bike shops are open with serious (although some self-imposed, which is great) restrictions in place.
I may have screenshotted this while sitting at a long traffic light on the drive.

The shop. I wasn't allowed to go beyond the front desk, 1 person at a time, they had to bring me the couple of accessories that I purchased.

THE BIKE! I'll swap over my pedals from my old bike at home.

The couple of things I got with it. Helmets are damn expensive, but the foam on my old one was looking rough. The pedals will go on my old bike, which I am gifting to a friend who wants to get into cycling.

At some point around picking up my bike, my school district announced that we were officially closed through the end of the year. I suspected as much, but we've all been hoping we'd get a week or two at the end of the year to see the kids again.

Eat some lunch (oops, forgot to take a picture) and then get setup for my afternoon video conference. Today I have a special guest, which my kids have been asking to see. He's one of 4 snakes that I have.

Pharaoh the Ball Python. He's a 5-6 year old, full-grown, male. He's the sweetest snake I've ever had.

Finish up, and check the temperature; it's also a timecheck. Sadly not great biking weather. Tomorrow I'll swap the pedals and hope it's warmer.

Peek outside - it's occasionally blue skies, but still pretty cloudy and chilly.

Spend some time tidying and vacuuming the main floor. Cleaning/organization is nearly a hobby of mine.

Put the new bike in the garage downstairs and straighten up some.

Skip forward a bit - husband comes home with the TV we ordered (and got curb-side pickup) as our TV died. The cleaning from earlier was somewhat pointless, as we had to rearrange furniture to accomodate the new one.

At some point in the middle of moving stuff around I make and we eat dinner - burrito bowls with rice, black beans, steak, cheese, avocado, sour cream, and pineapple salsa.

Finish setting up, organizing, and re-tidying the living room.

Post-dinner drink. I love the Excelsior cider but haven't been able to find it in a while; this is another variety that is pretty tasty.

Settle in for a movie. This was kind of a trip.

Happy dogs.

We watched another movie after, Short Term 12, which was far better than The Perfection.

The time I crawled into bed.


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