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Qurantine Day 16: April 1: Southern California Desert

April 1 is day 16 of being home. I live in California and our state is sheltering-in-place. It's been two weeks since I've been home for work. I have taken vacation. My husband was laid off from his job. I will be going back to telecommute on Friday this week. But I've still been waking up at pretty work-appropriate times.

I let Checkers out for his early morning potty time.

I start my Roomba, named Petey.

I start my coffee and sit and check facebook.

For breakfast I have a chocolate muffin that I made the day before.

And I turn on Animal Crossing, which pretty much defines my whole day.

Isabelle supervises.

Checkers chills. He loves that I'm sheltering in place.

And the power goes off. This is the 3rd time this week.

My husband and I decide to go on a walk. So I get dressed, tennis shoes and a skirt, for All Dress April.

We didn't bring Checkers with us this time, which might be good, because the coyotes were out.

We walk into the open desert.

When we get home the power has come back on.

So I play more.

I take a break and work on my grocery list for Thursday.

I go out to check the mail and meet this cottontail.

I take my All Dress April picture. I'm styling in my slippers.

At about noon the governor gives an update on the state of our state. He says public schools will not be reopening this school year.

Lunch is Gardein Chick'n fingers and Snap'd Cheez-Its.

More Animal Crossing.

I take a break to update my LJ.

Dinner tonight is in the crockpot, so I throw it together now. I don't have freekeh, so I use barely instead.

And I listen to a podcast as I do that.

The podcast stays on as I fold laundry.

Back to my biggest distraction.

Isabelle decides this is a great time to suck on my earlobe.

This ends in her getting her nails cut because she starts kneading my neck and it hurts.

I attempt to read but I can't stay focused.

My dad calls, so I migrate to the bedroom and sit and look outside as I talk to him. Justin goes out and takes the dog on a walk.

And he comes home to find this.

At about 5 I feed the cat and dog.

And then I feed us. It might not be pretty, but it's yummy.

After dinner I pack up items I sold that I need to ship out. I sell used clothes on mercari and poshmark. Because of the quarantine, a ton of books sold on mercari. But I'm only shipping out once a week because I'm trying not to leave the house. So since I am grocery shopping Thursday, I'm also going to run in to the post office and drop these in the slot.

Then I try to win 1 million dollars through my grocery store. I won $1.

It feels like pajama time.

And ice cream time.

My Animal Crossing playing is sort of like a time check.

Justin downloads a movie for me to watch called Dark Waters. It's really good - sort of like Erin Brockovich.

But he doesn't watch it with me. He's playing Hearthstone.

I have a sweet tooth, so I make some hot chocolate.

At about 9:15 I get ready for bed.

Nighty night.

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