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A glimpse at my day - Central New Jersey, USA

We are soon to complete week three of staying home (for the most part) and will likely be doing much of the same for at least another month or so. April 1 was unique for me because I actually had to go to the office. Sorry for any fuzzy pictures. I was having the worst time trying to get LJ to upload them. You should be able to click on any of them to see the bigger version if you are so inclined. Enjoy!

Aaaaanyway, Alas, I was groggy in the morning and forgot about the challenge until after breakfast so you missed seeing my bagel with fake cream cheese on one half and egg on the other and a glass of iced tea.

Since I was still tired after the iced tea, some coffee. I'm glad I invested in a Nespresso for home a while ago since I would miss the one at work and wouldn't want to lug it home

For the past nearly three weeks, this has been my little setup at home for working. I can get to most of the stuff I need to but my internet connection has been somewhat slow (I'm looking at you, Verizon. It was slow before all this and I pay for the fancy supposed gigabit connection)

Today, though, I had a video conference along with I'd volunteered to test new tweaks to the USDA data collecting site which I knew my connection at home wouldn't cut the mustard so I had to go in to the office. I also had a few of my own things that I couldn't do from home so two birds, one stone, all that. So since I was going to be seen, time to get cleaned up. I'm rather proud of the little fake plastic window curtain I made during the summer. It does a great job keeping it from getting sweltering in the bathroom. It's held up with 3M hooks and a bar. My home is a shrine to the good folks at 3M since all my art, shelves, hooks, etc are stuck to the wall with the removable sticky stuff

Looking video call respectable. Have to wear the ID on a lanyard since supposedly if we get stopped by the fuzz, we can get to work. Yeah...whatever.

My feline coworkers are holding down the fort at the home office. With my back being messed up, I haven't been able to sleep on my $1000 mattress so right now the kitties have their pick of comfortable places to lounge

Taking latex gloves and sanitizer. One set to get in the building, one set to get out and sanitize before touching my car. No cooties for me!

You can't see him too well but a deer was out scouting for brunch when I was getting in my car.

Arrived at work. Hardly any cars in the lot (yay!) and I could see construction guys working on the roof of the new building going in across from ours.

The hall as you go in. I used to work in the room past all the art on the left but the Communications office has that and decided to make the hall all fancy schmancy. Our office of research moved upstairs a couple of years ago

Nice to see that my plant is thriving after no one being there for weeks. Of course it's doing fine, it's fake.

Are you freaking kidding? Over 86F in the office. Why the hell they haven't turned the heat down to minimum is beyond me. Wasteful and uncomfortable. But not shocking. I couldn't get it below 80 with the AC I turned on.

The somewhat more impressive work space. Two monitors is so useful when doing data work

Even though I may not be back for another month or so, may as well change the calendar. Love Chihuly art

Accomplished what I needed to get done in a couple of hours so heading back home. I was hoping to get a decent picture of the tree with the blossoms but a construction truck was in front of me. But spring has sprung!

Turning up the hill to my town. No one is buying those stupidly priced condos they built recently.

Kitties required dry food as snacc. They were dying of starvation, you know.

I stopped at the mailbox to get mostly junk mail. I only venture down the block to get it maybe once a week since most of my bills are online anyway. I also brought home a bunch of bits from the office that are better used at home right now

I should have made lunch before leaving since it was past 2pm when I got home and I was HUNGRY. So I tossed together some jjangramen with extra bits and had some ginger ale. Unfortunately although it tasted ok, it didn't settle well (another reason I should have eaten before I left since empty tummy and big meal means upset tummy sometimes)

Other than that, got a little work done, laid down to rest the back, did some internet surfing and reading and all I could manage was some toast and half this strawberry smoothie I made.

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