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ADIML - Macau, Thursday 19-March-2020

I had originally planned to do a 2-day comparison as today is Thursday, and I have tomorrow Friday off (one of the COVID-19 prevention measures things), but something came up and I tomorrow is not a doable day.

So we start with the moment I wake up again. Rather overcast, but Summer is indeed on the way!

So after the usual wash up and first glass of water, I went back to my room to put on some makeup. Meanwhile, my dog Sai Lup is just lying there just in the middle, in the way of a few things...
8F3230E5-E793-41D4-88E0-E7EADB76ED93.jpeg 47DCE14F-E020-4E1A-8040-79624F0F8545.jpeg

This should be good enough. Because of the requirement of needing to wear a facemask when in public, I've been happily skipping the foundation part of my morning make up ritual. Basically just SPF, then do the eyes.

Our daily habit of bringing the dogs out for their daily walk

In the morning, it's usually just a quick visit to the dog park for them to do their business. On the left is Sai-Lup and on the right is Frankie (the terror!)
1124850A-9060-4BFC-9499-3426D3C63603.jpeg AE0C939F-F149-4BDC-940D-76A8FAF282F1.jpeg

After the walk, it's back home and the doggies get their breakfasts first.

Then I make my own breakfast. Nothing too fancy. In the end, I didn't go back to the other supermarket that had the series of promotion for those nut milks. Instead, we went to an M&S the other day and I happened to find an unsweetened almond milk. It's not bad, but I suppose this is the only time I will buy again. Maybe I'll try the cashew milk I saw, maybe....
C5D5D02F-79D7-4989-AA8C-CF6A5D9A9484.jpeg ADAAFC8A-B000-4602-A586-D1A8424839BE.jpeg

There's always beggars begging for more food!

I get myself dressed and off I go to work! Bidy says HI! I have my good pair of walking shoes on, but they are soon falling apart, so I either have to get myself a new pair (then I have to kick something out!) or see if they are fixable.

Just a few shots of what I see on my way to work. Down my street, and will pass by the Government Palace (or, now the Government Headquareters)
455D1C46-CFB4-42ED-A428-9BB9B7B7E10F.jpeg 6C899A8A-A240-4FE2-ADA9-433EB5A448A8.jpeg

As you walk around and look, everyone is wearting a mask now.
B1B76A35-BB6F-4CCD-A32D-87441283A965.jpeg 197DA8AA-10D3-4292-887E-891C786F5DF9.jpeg

So now my commute involves a bus ride over to Taipa Island.
C620C0A0-F3E8-47F8-BECE-317C9A52DE73.jpeg 4AEF79A5-B779-4BEF-BFEF-D6270CF03BDF.jpeg

I try to notice the surroundings.
41FB1491-3FFB-4CF0-BC6C-B5433C843EAB.jpeg E23CF26B-7F2A-4645-845E-A67E66F2A896.jpeg

I also listen to podcasts as I am walking/commutting.

I arrive at work and prepare my workstation.

I usually don't get my drinks together until later in the morning, because then the morning rush in the pantry is over, and the hot water boiler has enough time to boil water for tea. This pencil stand on the left is so... amusing! Now I feel like buying a lot of pens (colored) and put them together for something fun. And I get my glass of earl grey.
E3C67B56-CA55-4ABA-9E7A-1F2684ADE974.jpeg 45D17644-A0D7-4572-BF65-8AA5E1453172.jpeg

Eventually, it is lunch and a colleague did the ordering thing, so again, I had no choice of which restaurant, but to instead ask which restaurant, then study the menu to choose something suitable. I ordered a nice salad, but that colleague said "our allowance had some money leftover so I've ordered some extras".... no.... not a money issue, they can use up my allowance for all I care, but they are just ruining my caloric intake by adding food to my lunch box. I read as I eat, and when I've finished my lunch and have some 10 minutes to spare, I play a mobile phone game (look for stuff in a messy room)
A9D26ACA-B0A6-417C-9B46-39A6C5865344.jpeg 60314DC3-8F63-474D-93EA-B58F053C881D.jpeg

I receive a "properly" translated document and have to go over it again. Three weeks ago we didn't have much time so I did a rough google-translate version only and now finally the full document, translated, came in. Had to go over it to see certain requirements.

Then of course some big news comes up. The Macau Gov't has initiated some telegram accounts for news sharing

I hear word that I should start heading back to another office so off I went. It was raining for a bit but luckily I braved it all with no issue.
910311A5-D84D-4906-A2CA-24F74709C1EE.jpeg CED3029B-E2FC-4E92-9A85-40CF76340050.jpeg

This is my office in this other location. This is easily the nicest office I've ever had. But, I don't come here all too often.

After sorting out all that work, I finally got to go home. Frankie on the left is going crazy, so Menina on the left is looking at him with disdain in her eyes.
535F1231-7B3D-4DE2-A2D5-A7AF7993EF44.jpeg 172926AE-F4B5-4823-922A-98FA5975E716.jpeg

They've let out the demo version of Seiken Densetsu. So far I think the battle system is not bad. Though the normal storyline sequence feels so stupid. And the English voiceovers are terrible! Can't they not make it English text but Japanese voice?
46A82056-C0A9-43F8-B539-E7E18C9539DC.jpeg DE532840-F30C-444D-A183-899F1EE7C573.jpeg

Tonight's dinner was nice. Dad made 4 types of salad and they were all yummy, with a piece of piccata pork chop and a bowl of asparagus soup.

After dinner, it's the nightly dog walk again.

For the older ones, it's just a normal dog park walk for them to do their businesses. For Frankie, though, since he is a young dog, we have to make him walk more and expend his energy! After the brief walk, I take him home, which was then followed by his dinner!
3101687C-D9B3-41A2-B945-70BAA13829F5.jpeg 1F63145C-39D7-4EB1-B34C-C8ABFC67D03A.jpeg

With all the standard chores done, I look to my watch and I still have some exercise to do to close the exercise ring. So I put on some incense, and just get some yoga done. Frankie again sticks around.
4BA5FDEE-B3CD-482B-AEFD-AA0294626533.jpeg 31C91574-DEB9-481D-AE58-FCB8A54B2CBF.jpeg
6EBBA563-7B75-458E-930B-120DD089A070.jpeg 5990402A-1AE8-43C2-8DE1-2D343BC29B1B.jpeg

Nothing special, just wanted to say... for all those who have the universal thing: "The Chair" where your clothes that are not-clean-enough-to-go-back-to-the-cupboard-but-not -dirty-enough-to-go-to-the-laundry.... I have "The Bike" instead, LOL

Just some last few things before I go. Showered, put on a facemask (beauty, not medical) and I think I'm ready to hit the hay. I'm just going to finish typing this up (so many mistakes today! I mean me, I have so many mistakes and dozed off so many times, it's not funny. Like now, I'm typing something, then my brain hits a snag and suddenly I brain is off and I'm typing whatever the brain thinking. And then I've woken up a bit and can't understand a word I've written. So I guess I'd better go sleep now, this is the end anyway!
7912F199-3E62-4361-890D-C81A1B20EF61.jpeg 515707AB-9550-4258-96F7-2C8508BB5F71.jpeg

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