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My Pleasant Monday 1/6/20

Mary Lou. 29. Olympia, WA

I wake up a little after noon. This may seem super late to ya'll but I work remotely now and get to pick my own hours so I work from 5 PM - 1 AM PST most nights so waking up at this time is the new norm for me!

I make my bed right after I wake up.

I decide to vaccuum so I pick up all the cat toys that are strewn across my apartment.

I decide to make a new buffalo chicken pasta crockpot recipe that I learned from this youtube video! I love getting recipes from cooking youtube videos.

I then get a sad text from my best friend saying he couldn't get the time off approved to go see Melanie Martinez in March! He introduced me to her a few years ago so I was stoked to go with him but thankfully another friend of mine is going and offered to just give me one of her tickets for free so I cancelled mine :)!

Snickerdoodle waltzes up and tries to lift my spirts after I process the ticket cancellations.

I take a hot shower to wake me up even more.

Snickerdoodle lays on the kitchen rug and watches me do my post shower hair/skin routine.

My hair and skin care products that I use! The bactine is for cleaning my new septum piercing that I got a month ago.

I cut up some lemons and put them in a glass jar so I can easily use them for water and tea throughout the week.

Then I throw together breakfast. I heat up scrambled eggs and potatoes that I got from a restaurant the morning before and added some vegan bacon to go on the side. Everything was so good!

I give my fish Clifford some breakfast too :)!

I put on some make-up because I feel like going out and doing something. Please excuse my messy vanity! I need to clean it!

I heat up my car and go check the mail. I'm waiting for a super cute cat bed to come in but I didn't get a package slip :(!

Here is an example pic of the bed! I ordered it as part of their Christmas present but it took forever to ship since it's coming from Asia!

I get a pedicure to treat myself. I just got boring white toe nail polish and I'm a little self-concious about my feet so no pic of the finished result lol!

Afterwards I run to Petco and pick up litter, aqaurium gravel for Clifford, snake cat toy, and some carpet cleaner for those lovely hairballs that the cats randomly "gift" me with. I spend too long oogling the Pusheen cat toys. They are all so fucking cute but too expensive! I'll wait until they hopefully go on sale!

I get home and shred the chicken and boil the pasta noodles.

I gift the new cat toy to them and Mochi spends the next few minutes rubbing her face all over it lol! Snickerdoodle could care less. She's not impressed! She is a true princess.

I light a candle while the pasta noodles boil. This is one of my favorite scents!

I place it in this candle holder that I got when the Yankee Candle outlet was closing in Oregon. I think it was only $5 which was a steal to me.

I finish up dinner and add some almond tangerine couscous chopped salad on the side. It doesn't look like anything special but everything tasted delicious! Always have to have my polar seltzer to go with dinner. It is the best sparkling water imo!

It's 5 PM so I sit down and start working. I left my 9-5 job a few months ago and have been doing some online writing side hustles in addition to pet sitting gigs through Rover. I enjoy working at home and focusing on school and growing my side gigs. It all keeps me busy which makes me so happy. When I worked in a stressful office setting, I feel like I didn't have time to do anything I enjoyed since I was always so burnt out.

After a few hours of working on projects, I make some iced coffee. I learned about this trick where people mix protein shakes with espresso shots and I thought it sounded so weird at first but... I ended up loving it and it gives me alot of energy!

I get really hungry towards the end of my work day so I eat a few pumpin spice covered almonds and some water.

I spend two hours going through the beginning of an online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course that I gifted myself for Christmas. I've heard a lot about teaching ESL online through various companies and think it would be another side gig that I'd really enjoy!

I get tired of studying and decide to re-fill my vitamin/medicine organizer as well as the automatic pet feeders.

I make another plate of food and sit down and watch Good Girls on Netflix. I love this show! So many amazing actors/actresses!

Snickerdoodle lays next to me and accepts all the pets!

I suddenly get so tired so I end up passing out around 5 AM. Mochi usually sits above my pillow like this and sleeps above my head. It's so cute!

Thanks for checking out my chill work day!


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