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My March 15, 2016

Autumn, 31, from Alamosa, CO.  Today I travel to Pittsburgh, PA for a job interview (a telecommute position) with a company based there.  I didn't get the job, but I'm not sure it was the right fit for me and that is important.

Up VERY early.  I have a flight out of Colorado Springs at 9:00am and it's a 3-hour drive.

Take a quick shower to wake myself up.

Get together the rest of my stuff and get it packed in my carry-on.

Creep out into the dark office (our bathroom is between the master bedroom and office) so I don't wake my husband any more than I already have.

I need so much coffee.

All dressed.

Run out and start the car (taking my husband's car as my Yaris is scary on the highway) so it'll warm up.  It's in the high 20s so it's a bit chilly.

Timecheck when I get in the car to leave.

This is about 90% of my drive - darkness.

Put some music on shuffle for the drive.

Pull over and send my husband a quick text when I get over the mountain pass, which can have a lot of deer.  Fortuantely it was early enough that I saw none.

Nearing Colorado Springs and the sun is rising!

The sun is fully up by the time I arrive at the airport parking lot, at just before 7.  This mostly served as a reference photo for where I parked so I could find the car when I returned.

After taking the shuttle from my parking spot, checking in and dealing with security, I am near my gate.  This is a pretty small airport, and there were maybe 20 people here in total at 7am.  I made the mistake of assuming that would be the case at DIA once, and arrived only an hour before my flight and had to run quickly to the gate to avoid missing the flight.  So now I have 1.5 hours to kill.

Fill up my water bottle and eat some breakfast.  I debated getting a latte but I planned to sleep on the flight.

Take a peak outside.  This airport definitely has the best view.

Took a picture of this to text to my husband.  Something to consider if we want to ski one more time this season.

Read for a while.  I nearly finished up my book (12 Years a Slave) by the time they started boarding.

And now on the plane!  I switch out my contacts for glasses since I am definitely going to be sleeping.  Sleeping in contacts makes my eyes very angry.

I land in Chicago and grab some lunch.  I go for the latte this time too.  I believe they started boarding at 1:45 so I felt a little rushed.

On another plane.  I'm in the second row behind first class, with a lot more room than the previous [and very tiny] plane. At some point I put my contacts back in.

About to land in Pittsburgh!  I've never been here before, so I'm perhaps overly excited.  There is a lot of green grass but all of the trees are still pretty brown.

A quick weather check before we are allowed to leave the plane.  It's overcast and the ground was wet from previous rain, but it was decently warm.

There's a dinosaur in the lobby!

We cross a bridge and are suddenly into downtown(ish)

Okay, now we're solidly into downtown.  This is a way bigger city than I'm used to.  Alamosa has one main street. :p

Arrive at the hotel and check into my room.

This is an awful burry picture, but I had to pee and was rushing.  The hall is fancy.

...and the room is even fancier.  It's a super nice hotel.

A peek outside one of my windows at a gorgeous church.  I want to come back just to take pictures of the buildings and churches here.

Throw on some HGTV while I relax for a bit before heading out to get food.  I always watch HGTV in hotels.

I'm not going somewhere super fancy, but I wanted to dress up so I could break in my heels with some walking and kind of get in interview character more.  I attempt to put on mascara.  I think I did okay.  It leaves sparkles on my face for some reason.

I left about 20 minutes early so I could wander for a bit.  I got slightly lost briefly but finally found the restaurant thanks to Google Maps.

My place of dinner.  It came highly recommended.

The specials menu.  I already knew what I wanted from looking at the menu online.

A nice pre-dinner beer.

My food arrives - Pappardelle (pasta with bolognese sauce, short rib, pancetta and pork shoulder).  It is SO good.

A shot of the restaurant bar, across from which I was seated.

I walk back to the hotel (it's only a few blocks) and start getting ready for bed.  It's early, but I'm exhausted from waking up early and traveling all day.

Settle in with the world's most comfortable blanket and some more HGTV.  A few minutes later I do a Google Hangouts session with my husband to chat about our days and say goodnight.

I doze off watching TV and wake up to set my alarm.  My interview isn't until 9am but I want to be up good and early so I have enough time to get ready, have breakfast and mentally prep.


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