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A Glimpse at my day

So I actually remembered to do this this time. However, it was my first day to work back from a two-week break, so the photos are a little odd...

The morning trays ready for feeding.  Outside cats on the left, inside on the left.  and the dirty dishes from the night before.

The cast (l to r) - Skimbleshanks, Jenny And Dots, Patachou (blurry) and Titan, mouthing off to me

A better shot of Patachou.  A tour of my kitchen and the last of the five cats, Bete Noir, eating.

Rest of the kitch and two of my outside guys.  There are about seven to ten depending upon the time.  This is Bullet little brother to Grey(shortened from Greymalkin)
A blurry leaving for work(cold in the car).  by this shot, I'd gone to the store to pick up milk and oil and breakfast.  It's nice to leave close to everything

This is my desk after my being gone for two weeks... yeah, it's not realy surprise that my job is going away after I retire.  I worked until noon and then walked home for lunch, which is a Weight Watchers entree, a salad, tangerine and water.  After eating, I walked the neighborhood for half an hour and headed back to work

This is what I had to return to.    And back home.  Two more of our feral cats.  This is Ringtail and Little Black.  Ringtail has been with me for nearly ten years and I still have yet to touch him.  He is very talkative, but the most feral of my outside guys.  There is also Meanie, the father to most of these guys, then LB2 (Little Black 2), Fluffy Black (a neighbor's cat who prefers the food at our place) and a host of others.
3:05, back home and ready to crash for the night.  This was dinner, a failed attempt at katsu (tasted great, but my crust failed), pan crisp noodles and a stir fry.  After dinner, we took a short walk, then watched TV until bedtime.

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