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WRITE IT ON YOUR CALENDARS: 10 Facts About Yourself: December 12

Thanks to all that participated in our last glimpse challenge day! I did do it, but decided not to post it since I had just posted a glimpse from several days before.

So here is your next challenge!

On December 12 I want you to prepare a post with 10 facts about yourself. Each fact should be accompanied by a picture for that fact. So for instance, if you're telling us what you do for a living, share a picture of your place of work or you at work or something that goes with that. The pictures do not need to be newly taken for the challenge.

I'll put out reminders. And as always, you can share a glimpse any day!

  • Reminder: All Meal Challenge starts TOMORROW

    Tomorrow starts your all meals & snacks photo challenge from Monday, 25 October to Saturday, 30 October. Eat well!

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  • Reminder: All Meal Challenge

    From Monday, 25 October to Saturday, 30 October take pictures of all meals & snacks that you have during the week. Bon appetit!

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