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Oct 01 - Oct 07 GlimpseAtMyDay Challenge!

The challenge is to post *everything* I have purchase from the week of Oct. 01 to Oct. 07.  So, ok.  Here it is!

I live on disability payments and so only get one check a month.  It's actually not a check but a direct deposit into my bank account.  I have to make sure that I get all of the essentials covered by that one check. I receive it on the 3rd which luckily falls within the challenge specified dates.   I do most of my shopping online and spend the week leading up to then getting my virtual carts filled and ready for checkout.  Then on the 3rd, bam!  lol!  It's all bought and most all of the money gets spent.

Although I make the purchases all on the 3rd I have to wait sometimes up to two weeks or more for the stuff to arrive in the mail.  In fact this list is not complete but some things were purchased on ebay and it could be up to a month before they arrive.  This is all crafting supplies.  This is fun because I put it out of my mind and when it arrives each time it's a nice little suprise for me in my mailbox.

The biggest purchase I made this month was a Samsung Galexy Smartphone along with a month to month data plan.  This is my very first smartphone and now I can see what all of the fuss is about!  It is a refurbished phone and only cost me $30.  As you can see along with it I purchased the $35 data plan.

Cat food.  22lbs dry food and 4 cans of wet food.  Sometimes I buy more but I have a surplus from buying way more than was needed afew months ago.  I purchase my cats' food on Amazon.  It's actually a bit cheaper that way ad the shipping is free.  In fact, since it is shipped to me it is one less reason for me to have to get a ride to the store to get.  I like that...

Crafting supplies...

Black gesso, Gold acrylic paint, Gorilla lue,jewelry findings, glass cabochons, black Gorilla duct tape

oct 03 - 22lb Friskies Dry Cat Food - 10.09.19.jpg

Stuff like this...

I take six different medications not including vitamins.  I get them all at CVS  This was the only prescription that week that needed refilling...

I'm a big gal.  Six feet tall and over 200lbs.  I like being feminine but quite often I'll buy myself mens clothing because it is made in bigger sizes.  These A-shirts are great for layering under sweaters or PJ-s to keep warm in the fall and winter seasons.

These drinks are really the only splurge items that I paid out of pocket for.

You may have noticed I didn't post any food.  Well, I pay my parents rent which includes room and board.  My step-dad thinks we need to be stocked up in case of the coming apocalypse so if there is one thing this household isn't lacking... it's FOOD!  lol  And I'm only half joking.

So, thats it.  Not very exciting but fun for me.  I love shopping.  There is real trick to balancing what you want to get with how much of what you can afford.


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