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This is possibly the most boring day in the life I've ever done, but

I normally get up at 6:30. I also normally shower at night, but I hadn't felt like it the night before. I got up earlier than my glimpse at my day notification, so this was when I got out of the shower and saw it.

Foggy camera because it was in the bathroom with me.

Good morning, Luna.

Coffee time. (Side note: we used to have a Keurig and I wish for it back every day but my husband loves this stupid thing.)

Where the heck are the rest of the cats? (Yes they are messy and yes that is cat food all over the floor. I sweep it regularly but it will look like that again after one meal. And the tile is not as filthy as it appears; it's just been there since 1977.)

Waiting patiently.

Pack my lunch (which also should've been done the night before).



Make the bed.

Clothes. (The mirror doesn't quite fit between those doors and gets knocked down at least twice a week, which is why the frame has broken off.)

I manage to get inside during a brief break in the rain.

Hi, desk.

It's seriously freezing (more than usual) in my office so I go downstairs to grab a cup of coffee for no other reason than to warm my hands.

My ADHD isn't letting me focus on anything I actually need to do, so I'm working on unfollowing people who don't follow me on my Etsy shop's instagram.


I have no issues with police in general and think they are very important, but the campus police do something that annoys me just about every day. I sent this to my husband and said, "Gotta make sure no one is speeding in the courtyard!!" because lately they've been parking empty police cars on the side of the road everywhere to try to make people slow down. And now this.

I had signed up for a meetup on but it was just me and this guy who I have not met before. I did end up cancelling on him and felt terrible about it, but I just wasn't up for it.

On my way home.

Junk mail, yay!

"Excuse me, did I say you could come home? I wasn't ready for you to come home, so if you could just turn around and go back out..."

Log both of us in to WoW Classic in hopes that maybe we'll get in before it's time for bed!

Update bullet journal.

Every time my sister visits, she brings me lots of Wawa Green Tea. This is my last jug until October. :'(

Put on some OG 90210 and start working on some Etsy orders.

I really need to get up, but someone won't get off.

Waiting less patiently.

We need to trade some Pokemon.

We're in! Finally! (It ended up taking an hour and 57 minutes.)

I watch a Sims video while dinner is cooking because I set the timer on the living room Alexa, which I cannot hear from the office. First world problems.

I forgot to take a picture of my dinner, but it was good. (Chicken enchiladas without the tortillas + rice.)

Our internet goes out, so I read until I finish the book. (I don't know how the flash got turned on and I blinded the poor cat.)

Makeup off, glasses on, teeth brushed, two faces.


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