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What's in my bag? Aurora, CO

I am a teacher by day, so I have a backpack that I carry to school but this is my daily bag (that actually just gets stuffed into the backpack, along with papers to grade/return).  This is pictured on my kitchen floor because 1) it has good lighting and 2) it's newly cleaned and 3) I enjoy its 1980s vintage-ness.  My bag is pretty tiny (Keen Montclair Mini) and I usually go pretty minimalist.  I'll occasionally swap to a bigger bag with more space, and thus more stuff, but then remember that I hate having so much stuff to dig through.

Top row, left to right:

  1. Fossil wallet

  2. Gum

  3. Chapstick

  4. House keys

  5. Hobby lobby receipt, as I have something in my car to return and they're closed Sundays so it just sits

Bottom row, left to right:

  1. Checkbook and pens

  2. Notepad

  3. Glasses cloth

  4. Nail file

  5. Tweezers

  6. Swiss army knife

  7. Some knife/screwdriver combo that my husband gave me and I forgot about until finding it in my bag


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