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What's in My Bag - 8-10-19

Ok ... let's try this again. This couldn't get posted the first time because I stupidly had the photos set to friends only, making them unable to be viewed. I should have known!! Let's see if I've done anything else wrong?! 🙃

To Start - Here is my Vera Bradley bag stuffed full! There are a variety of pockets throughout this bag, and I'll pull stuff - pocket by pocket

In the top zippered pocket are my wallet, a personal care bag, a fold up "wetbrush" brush, and a flash light

Most important is the wallet

And here is the interior of that wallet with way too many cards

Here is the wetbrush - opened and ready to use

Here is the personal care bag

And it's contents are:
1. Bandaids - 2 packages (why I have two packages, I don't know)
2. Pocket mirror
3. Mini pocket knife
4. Advil
5. Tissues
6. Various miracle fiber cloths for cleaning my glasses
7. Glasses cleaner fluid spray
8. Various chap sticks (wow - I have too many!
9. Box cutter
10. Various nail files
11. Tide spot cleaning pen
12. Glasses repair kit
13. Pocket hand sanitizer

In another pocket of my purse are more items:
1. Keys to car and house
2. Two pocket notebooks (why do I have two of them???)
3. Bag full of more cards -rewards cards for stores, etc.
4. A fold up bag for use when purchasing items in stores. In our town, stores are banned from using plastic bags, and paper bags cost 5 cents each, so I always have a re-usable bag in my purse (in addition to more bags I keep in my car). Note the kitty design! 🐈

In a smaller pocket are pens, a pencil, as well as a magnifying glass, comb, another flash light, and a car phone charger

close up of the magnifying glass

And, lastly in the front zippered pocket goes my phone. I used that to take all these photos, so had to use another camera to get a photo of it!

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