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What's in My Bag? - Augusta, GA, USA

During the summer I don't carry a bag, but this was what was in my bag in May when I last used it. Sabrina, 33, former teacher.

An ox-blood and navy blue Fjällräven Kånken. The bunny is from a former student and it's so soft and lovely. After the cut, see what's in the bag!

I like to keep things in pouches so that I can find things easily. From top to bottom, left to right:

— Planner, sunglasses, Vera Bradley pencil case

— Vera Bradley cosmetics case, random cloth case, junk without cases, fingerless gloves

— Better Together Daily Pouch, tissues, purse (wallet)

You can find my planner at Personal Planner. I am obsessed with it. You can create everything down to how your days are set and even what language it's in. Mine is in Swedish, and I've even gotten next year's, which is in Icelandic. I use Pilot Frixion pens because plans change.

My Vera Bradley cosmetic case is for those "just in case" times. Tampons, toothpaste (my toothbrush is in my carry-on) and a new pair of undies. 

My back-up portable charger (I actually have two), the cord to connect it to my phone, a USB to USB-C converter and two AAA batteries.

You can find the Better Together Daily Pouch at Mochi Things. When I don't want to carry around my bookbag, this is what I use. More Pilot Frixion pens (they're erasable), a small notebook and my Kindle Paperwhite, which I was carrying with me because I was still writing my thesis back in May and it had textbooks.

Nail file, my Opinel folding knife with my name engraved, an old train ticket and a USB key shaped like a key because you never know when you'll need it.

You can find my wallet at Minor History, just no longer in that colour. American coins, my Dental ID card, my dentist's card, my car insurance (I keep my driving license and another copy in my car) and one of those new £5 notes.

The things that rattle around loose in my bag: fingerless gloves (for typing in the winter); a metal straw (I have a set of reusable straws and utensils in my car as well), a chocolate wrapper, skinny post-it notes, a hair-tie, face-paint in the German flag, a pair of very cheap sunglasses, and a thing of tissues.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek!


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