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June 17 - NYC, Met Museum

I hoped to have more pictures but unfortunately, many of them came out blurry. But I did get a few!

Crowded NJ Transit train on the way to NYC

Catching a cab outside Penn Station to the Met Museum because my buddy and I are creaky old ladies lol

People must have been taking a three day weekend or it is just a toursity time since it took forever to get there but we made it - woo hoo!

I was hoping this would come out clearer of the HUGE room with tons of the outfits from the Camp exhibit but trust me, in person it was amazing. You can see the rare smile on the hint of my friend in the side of the photo

She bought a membership a while ago so part of the perks aside from free admission for you and a number of guests is getting to hang out in the members lounge. Sitting on a couch and snacking and sipping was lovely

I'd have to win a big lottery to get this fabulous fireplace surround

...as well as this amazing dragonfly pin

and my lottery-purchased fireplace would love this clock on the mantel

The exhibit of rock instruments was incredible. I took plenty of pictures but so many were too blurry. I did get a few that weren't TOO bad.

Beatles set - yes, all of these instruments are originals

George Harrison's sitar

Prince's symbol guitar

Steve Miller's fancy pants guitar

A broken Who guitar

I wish I had more stamina to have been able to walk around more and get more pictures but hey, maybe another post on another day when we go back in.

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