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Challenge Day: April 16, 2019

Hi, all. I'm Lisa (36/NY/teacher). I've been doing Photo A Day challenges for a long time but lately I take all the pictures and then either forget to upload and type the day or forget mid day. This time I got through the entire day!

I just happened to look at my friend's page when I turned my computer on and realized it was a challenge day. So, I grabbed my camera and took a picture. :)

 photo DSCN3888.jpg

Hubs was on his way out the door for work. I always demand a kiss and a hug before he leaves, if I'm not out first, but I'm on spring break this week and instead of my kiss took a pic, which ended up being quicker, hee hee.

 photo DSCN3889.jpg

Penny is a little confused that hubs is leaving without giving her a walk but I tell her that I'm going to walk her today and she's okay with that.

 photo DSCN3890.jpg

I decided to make breakfast, there's some turkey bacon sitting in the fridge that needs to be cooked so I spent a good 20 minutes cooking that on top of the stove (and spent the rest of the day trying to get the smell out of the house because hubs hates it!)

 photo DSC_2182.jpg

While the bacon was cooking I made a cup of my exotic Herbal Tea that my acupuncturist has me on. I am trying to beat infertility (due to PCOS) and the combo of the acupuncture and herbs has been huge in making my woman cycles more normal. Still waiting on the baby dust to work on me and the hubs though.

 photo DSC_2183.jpg

and then made and egg and decided to have some sauteed kale too. I didn't want to have a huge breakfast because I am going out to lunch with a friend later.

 photo DSCN3891.jpg

I joined a book club at work and this is the book for this month. The print is sort of small and very dense. I sort of wish that I bought the Kindle version like I usually do so that I could enlarge the font. lol. I'm deciding if I like it. It was one of the choices that I wanted so I feel like I have to dedicate to reading it. And I have the entire week to get through it, so I have no excuse,ha!

 photo DSCN3893.jpg

The only time check of the day. Not intentional just happened that way. Then I did some bathroom stuff and got dressed to walk Penny.

 photo DSCN3894.jpg

Ugh. Apparently I should have charged my watch overnight. So I stall to let it charge a little.

 photo DSCN3896.jpg

It looks nice out, but I put a sweatshirt on because the sun can still be deceiving this time of year.

 photo DSCN3897.jpg

It is a GORGEOUS morning.

 photo DSCN3898.jpg

 photo DSCN3899.jpg

I take Penny down the road to the park in my neighborhood. She loves going here because we can let her off her leash, if there aren't other people there, and she can play fetch. The grass is soaked and flooded in some areas from the recent rain that we had, so we just walk the inside perimeter and she gets her sniffs in. Am I the only nerd in this community that uses Swarm/4 Square to 'check in' to places still?
 photo DSCN3900.jpg

 photo DSCN3902.jpg

I admire the Forsythia bushes in the neighborhood. I have a lot of it in my yard but, for the second or third year in a row, large areas of it are going straight to green and skipping the pretty yellow flowers.

 photo DSCN3903.jpg

At home I obviously have to take pictures of the progress of my trees and bushes blooming. I love my Weeping Cherry tree but can't bear to put it out of its misery and take it down. It was in better condition when we moved in 9 years ago, but it has taken abuse from the weather and looks pretty rough when it doesn't have any flowers or leaves on it.

 photo DSCN3906.jpg

Here are the aforementioned Forsythia bushes.

 photo DSCN3909.jpg

Last weekend I noticed this growing towards the back of our property line where we just dump leaves and grass clippings. I have no idea what it is but am intrigued to see if something blooms out of it. It looked like a tulip from further back, but the leaves are wider.

 photo DSCN3911.jpg

After our walk, which took about half an hour, Penny was happy and ready to chill out. Well, I thought she was. I left the window open (trying to get the bacon smell out) and that gave her tons of things to see, hear and smell. So, every five minutes or less she was howling at something. Oh Penny...

 photo DSCN3914.jpg

I get ready to go meet my friend for lunch. I shower, change and do my hair. I avoid makeup if possible and don't even put mascara on for the day.

 photo DSCN3915.jpg

 photo DSCN3917.jpg

I haven't seen my friend in almost four months. She's been going through a lot of personal things and has taken some time off from work. Today she confided that she won't be back for the rest of the school year. She may lose her job after this, but is preparing and thinking about what she is going to do do. We had a good talk catching up on a lot of stuff. Before we got too deep into conversation we ordered lunch.

 photo DSCN3918.jpg

 photo DSCN3919.jpg

Even before joining this community (and before that the other DIL community) I would take pictures of food. So she isn't exactly surprised that I pull a camera out to photo our plates :) I ordered a Reuben sandwich but went with corned beef instead of Pastrami, which turned out to be a mistake because I didn't like it at all. Since I was so hungry I ate it anyway. Now I know for next time.

 photo DSCN3920.jpg

I stopped at the post office and then the store to pick up some stuff for/to go with dinner and other groceries. I saw my dentist and my neighbor in the same shopping trip.

 photo DSCN3926.jpg

I changed from jeans to shorts to take Penny outside. It was a little cooler than early in the afternoon when I left my house but still nice out.

 photo DSCN3922.jpg

Penny stretched her legs and we play a few rounds of fetch. I noticed that a flower bloomed on one of my daffodils bunches! The soil in my yard is sort of rough. The tulips are close to blooming but the daffodils are either taking a long time to flower or aren't going to this year :(

 photo DSCN3930.jpg

 photo DSCN3921.jpg

I'm ready to go inside, as it is starting to get cloudy, but Penny isn't ready to give up her freedom. I tie her leash off so that she can't wander and go in. Once she knows that her dinner is getting made she loses and mind barking to get back inside. She has a little bit of food aggression and gets pushy while either I or my hubs makes her food. Penny is terrified of the broom so I put it on the floor to keep her from getting under my feet while I put her food together.

 photo DSCN3931.jpg

Hubs calls. He sounds like he is getting ready to leave work but is dealing with some computer issue. He stops talking to me and to himself about whatever the issue is. I tell him give me a call/text when he's on his way, because sometimes it takes him another 30-40 minutes to get out the door.

 photo DSCN3932.jpg

I finish getting the veggies ready for the fajitas and then he messages me that he's on the way home.

 photo DSCN3933.jpg

 photo DSCN3936.jpg

He gets home and showers as I finish getting dinner ready. We watch Jeopardy while we eat. The defending champion is on a 9 day streak. He is really good. Hubs says that they're going to figure out his weaknesses in the questions and put more of those to get him out.

 photo DSCN3935.jpg

After dinner we hung out and watched tv the rest of the night. Usually when I'm working I end up working on lessons for the next day or grading work, so it is nice to spend a few nights doing nothing :) My feet started to get cold, which meant I probably was going to be crabby, so I made myself a cup of warm tea and sweet talked hubs into lighting a fire.

 photo DSCN3938.jpg

 photo DSCN3942.jpg

While he lit the fire Penny took advantage of the couch being empty and positioned herself in both hers and hub's favorite spot.

 photo DSCN3943.jpg

He is obsessed with the show Curse of Oak Island, so at 9:00 that went on. I put up with it for about 35 minutes and then fell asleep. I woke to him playing Call of Duty.

 photo DSCN3946.jpg

 photo DSCN3945.jpg

At that point I thought my camera deleted the majority of the day's pictures, but it started a new folder or something since it was past midnight. Rather than figure it all out I brushed my teeth and went to bed.


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