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Outfit Challenge!

So I decided to do this! I wear dresses all the time! I made a collage.

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T-Shirts for the week

Here's my shirts for the week. Only six days shown because today I have the flu and haven't gotten out of my pajamas.



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Outfit Challenge - August 8 - 14

I joined the challenge that began last Tuesday, August 8.

The first thing I should note is that the only full-length mirror is in the bedroom, which I didn't even remember (because I don't usually get ready in there) until the weekend. So, these aren't exactly "full-length," but you get the idea! Also taking selfies in a mirror feels really awkward, but a selfie stick did not work. (I may or may not have tried!)
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This week's prompt is FIRE.
Share a picture of fire. Is it a flame, a bonfire, you decide!

Comment here with a picture for the prompt!


Tomorrow our challenge begins! Did you forget?!
From tomorrow (Tuesday August 8) through Monday August 14, take pictures of your outfits! Share them with the group either daily or at the end of the week (I'll be sharing once at the end of the week.)


Last month I challenged you to share your outfits for a week.

This is your one week reminder! Beginning next Tuesday August 8th, document your outfits for one week and share it at the end of the week, or daily, however you want!


This week's prompt is BUILDING.
Share a picture of any building. A big building, a small building, a cool building - any building!

Comment here with a picture for the prompt!

July 29, 2017

Las Vegas, NV. 106*F.
Weekend away from home.

Good morning world! This hotel room stays mighty dark. We got into Las Vegas last night at around 9PM and are staying at the Mirage.

More, including Las Vegas, bridal shower, and more!Collapse )


This week's prompt is BREAKFAST.
Share a picture of your breakfast! Is it a fancy breakfast or something you grab when running out the door?

Comment here with a picture for the prompt!