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This week's prompt is BREAKFAST.
Share a picture of your breakfast! Is it a fancy breakfast or something you grab when running out the door?

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July 22, 2017

96F - 75F : Sunny
Atlanta GA

Everybody wake up, it's wake up time!

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PICTURE PROMPT: Black and White

This week's prompt is BLACK AND WHITE.
Share a picture of something either that is black and white, or in black white, be creative!

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This week's prompt is BACKYARD.
Share a picture of your backyard.

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Write on your calendars that during the week of AUGUST 8 to AUGUST 14 I'm challenging you to take photographs of your outfits everyday that week. Once the week is over, make a post and share the photographs of your outfits!

To figure out the date I used a random calendar generator. Share your outfits during that week!

Are you in?!

I'll post reminders for this as we get closer. And always feel free to share a glimpse into your day, any day!

ADIML - July 1, 2017 - Canada Day

My husband and I visited Canada on July 1-2, so it was an unusual day for an ADIML. It's only half the trip, but it is still quite active!
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This week's prompt is FAMILY.
Share a picture of your family. Maybe it's one sibling. Maybe it's a family picture. Be creative!

Comment here with a picture for the prompt!
Hi glimpseatmyday

It is good to be back doing one of these! I have tracked previous days for other LJ communities - most of my days were from Tanzania. I apologise that my UK life is slightly more mundane!

This day started in London visiting my sister, and ended up back at home in Bristol

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July 1: A Busy Desert Day

I made the challenge, so I better participate!

I'm Elizabeth. 30 years old. I live in the desert of Southern California.

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In 2 days I'm hoping you'll document your day! Because remember - I challenged you to do it!

I'm always open to hearing other things you would like to see.

In the future we will have more challenges including show us your outfits for a week, show us your meals for a week, etc.

What else can we do?

What are you doing this Saturday July 1st? Currently it looks like I'll be taking my car to the shop for repairs and going to Costco.