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February 20, 2017

OK So we woke up and got out the door before remembering we intended to do a DITL today. But here's where we spend our first hour of consciousness.

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January 23, 2017

Weather: 53 and drizzling. Pretty nasty.
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

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I slept from 4am to 12pm, so 8 hours. I actually woke up moments before the alarm, but I just lay in bed relaxing for those few minutes.

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Last month I gave you a new challenge! On January 21 document your pet's day!

This is your reminder!!!


This week's prompt is HOLIDAYS.
Share a picture of the holidays - whether it's our current holiday season or a holiday of the past!

Comment here with pictures for the prompt!

A glimpse at my Sunday, December 25th

A glimpse at Christmas Day 2016 for my husband and I in southern Colorado.

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This next challenge is, well . . . silly. But I'm challenging you to document the day of the life of your pet.

I did this for my cat Isabelle back in July. And beswiftmysoul was actually the inspiration for this when she posted a day from the perspective of her dog and later from her cat.

So what does this mean? Write on your calendars that on SATURDAY JANUARY 21 I'm challenging you to do a day in the life of your pet. Obviously we're not necessarily home all day with our pets, so do this in any way that makes sense for you! You can look at both mine and beswiftmysoul's past posts for some inspiration on how you want to do it.

To figure out the date I used a random calendar generator. Share with us your pet's day! What kind of pet are you going to be sharing the day of? From me you'll be seeing Isabelle again.

Are you in?!

In other mod stuff, what other challenges would you like to see? I have a list of ideas going and the last challenge of sharing our outfits was very successful. What other things would you like to see?

Saturday, December 17, 2016

I participated in the ADIML for Saturday, December 17, 2016. It was not a normal Saturday, so there were more interesting things than a normal Saturday might have.
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This is what had been planned for Saturday in advance:

- A flight to Florida for a friends' wedding
- A return flight Sunday
- An improv performance that evening with my troupe

But then things changed. Dramatically. And most unfortunately.
My wife Brenda--an almost 20-year Non-Hodgkins lymphoma survivor--was diagnosed with breast cancer.
She underwent a double mastectomy Wednesday and discharged from the hospital late Friday.

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December 17, 2016

This is the challenge day! It wasn't wholly exciting, but this is a typical Saturday.

I had stayed the night at my boyfriend's house the night before. I wake up at 7:14, one minute before the alarm is set to go off. He has to work on Saturday.

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